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Wire to Wire White Sox

Good for them. Nice to see a team (besides the Yankees) demonstrate a dominance the entire way through. No offense to the Yankees either, but we all know you can do it. Nice to see a different team represent.

Some thoughts that don't really have to do with the significance of the event.

  • At one point in the game, I noticed how the broadcast was going to the "faces in the crowd" shot waaaay too often. I mean, if it's a truly tense situation, then sure, let me see the fans freak out. But first pitch swinging of the third inning... I don't need to see Billy Bob eating a hot dog.

  • If the broadcast wasn't showing "faces in the crowd" then it was showing very very very very up close closeups of the players faces. I started counting stray hairs on Freddy Garcia's face. There was something just under Craig Biggio's ear that I thought he should get looked at. I guess this was all to show the intense emotion of the game, but for the World Series, I kinda just like being able to watch the game.

  • I tried to relate my feelings to Jess while we were watching the game and eating dinner. I was going to say that they should show more of the other players besides the pitcher, catcher and batter. I got as far as, "Instead of doing so many closeups of their faces, they should..." Before Jess interuppted me and said, "Show more closeups of their crotches?" I'm married to a woman who pervs baseball crotch. Also, yes. That's what dinner conversation is like at my house.

  • Juan Uribe going into the stands was awesome, but those fans disappointed me. Baseball spectating has one thing over the other major sports in that the 10th man (12th man, 6th man) can actually involve themselves in the game and it wouldn't be against the rules. If I were an Astros fan and Uribe full on dove into my seat to try to catch a ball, then I'm keeping that glove as a souvenier. Strip the ball, 10th man! Yank that glove off his hand! You paid for that seat! It is my dream to be able to help the Padres with a victory by interfering with the game. My dream.

  • I thought Barbara Bush was going to cry after the last out was made. I didn't realize they were such big fans.
Like I said. Not much to do with the game, but then again... That's what you get here. More throughout the game! It's officially the offseason!