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Gotta fix the buzzkill

Sorry if that last post was a buzzkill. I completely ruined the mood. Cest la vie. Here's something nice to look at though:

It's the gold medal we got for being Deadspin's Blogdom's Best Padres Blog. Now I just gotta find a place to put it...

It's really flattering to be recognized at all, but then I realized that this is a perfect way to generate traffic back to your site. Anybody who won one of these is bound to stick that trophy somewheres nice with a link back to Deadspin. Oh so so clever! Preying on the fragile egos of bloggers. We're completely falling for it though. The trophy will be up in the sidebar soon.

Also, a new site to check out: The Roto Authority. I was turned on to this just today, and now I pass it along to you, the reader. Enjoy!

Don't you worry. We'll get that buzz back little by little.