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Things I noticed during game 3

As I type, Game 3 is pushing its way towards hour five. It may feel grueling, but a friend of ours just had a baby recently and was in labor for 36 hours, so you people can quit your whining.

That said... Man, I'm sleepy. We (me and Jess) actually changed the channel somewhere around the fourth inning to watch the last half of Beetlejuice. Then again, come the eleventh, we switched over to watch My Name is Earl. And yet the game continues on.

Couple of things I've noticed... Chris Burke has really nicely manicured eyebrows. I noticed them when he got to first base and Garner walked over to deliver the sign to his rookie instead of relying on any flashed signs. That's sort of like pinning lunch money to your kid's shirt, right? Burke probably squirmed a little, "C'mon coaaaaach! I know the signs! Come onnnnnnnn!"

Also, I noticed that some of the Luck has been headed the Astros way this game, even though they have yet to win it. Some of the weird stuff that would've gone against them has gone for them.

McCarver just said this game's like "swimming through syrup". McCarver's a pervert.

The Fox Trax has looked a little more accurate this game though they have yet to offer up my suggestion of adding Fox Trax to all the other replays besides just pitches.

They keep showing a shot of Nolan Ryan and his wife in the stands. I got a couple of Nolan Ryan stories that I don't think I've told here. Maybe I'll break those out tomorrow morning.

On to the thirteenth!!!