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For no good reason at all, let's play the race card

Is this a problem? Apparently, the Astros are the first team in the World Series without a black player. Not ever, mind you. But in like fifty years.

Me, personally, blinders on and all, I thought Willy Taveras was black, but turns out he's Dominican. In any case, is this really an issue? I mean, I could see if they never had a black player on their roster at all this season, but they had two. And I could see if they didn't have any black players in the minors, but I'll go out on a limb and say that's not the case either. Put the race card away, people!

Oh, and if you do decide to play the race card, don't play it with:

It's their first trip to the World Series. But the Houston Astros are making a kind of history that is making some people in and around the baseball world somewhat uncomfortable.

Let's put it this way: the 'Stros have no Bros.
The 'Stros have no bros!? How do you take this article seriously at all? Who's the editor on this thing?

"An article about black people in baseball? Can we use the word nigga yet? No? OK then, put in bros but make sure to do a rhyme, like that rap stuff."

Do not play with the race card people! The race card is not a toy!

Update [2005-10-26 12:39:34 by Dex]: AP trying to make a liar out of me. As soon as I post this, the article gets taken down. Luckily, thanks to the magic of screen capture, I can clear my good name:

There! Don't hide from your mistakes AP and NBC! Learn from them!