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Blum is cool


Geoff Blum, who cried when traded from the Padres to the White Sox in midseason and hadn't batted since the first game of the divisional playoffs.

"I took the first pitch because I hadn't seen one in three or four weeks," said Blum, whose wife gave birth to triplets before the trade. "I was trying to gauge its velocity. Then I guessed fastball and got the barrel on it. That's an at-bat I had a hundred times with my brother in the back yard."

Good for Blum, what a likeable guy.  That comment about his brother pitching to him in the backyard is classic.  

The White Sox seem like a machine.  They don't seem to be rattled when they are down and they just go about their business.  You some how just know they are going to win.  The Astros remind me of the Padres, they struggle and scrape to get men on base then leave them there.  The Sox have really deep pitching and you just knew they were gonna be able to outlast the 'stros.  

Did anybody in SD watch the full game? Was it even possible to watch all of it. I couldn't do it. I watched up until the 12 inning and had to take a trip to sleepy town. I also took some breaks to watch other shows in the middle innings.