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Sox Fan slaps Biggio's wife in the back of the head

Some White Sox fan slapped Biggio's wife in the back of the head and then ran. Somebody chased him down.


ESPN is there

Biggio said his wife, Patty, wasn't hurt. He said the fan slapped his wife then tried to run away -- before the player's brother-in-law ended up "putting him against the wall."

Astros manager Phil Garner said that the fan had been bothering her for a while -- pulling Patty Biggio's hair and jostling her.

Biggio played down an altercation. "It was one guy who acted like a 12-year-old, who slapped her upside the head," said Biggio. "I'm not going to sit here and hold all the Chicago fans accountable for this for one guy who was acting like an idiot."
Ozzie Guillen apologized on behalf of the White Sox.

If I was Biggio I'd get the team fired up and I would hold all of Chicago responsible. "I'm gonna hit home runs until ever last person in Chicago is sorry they ever slapped my wife!"