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oh please, oh please, oh puh-leaze!

Finley for Klesko?

Is there any credence to the rumors that the Padres may take Steve Finley back to finish his career? If Ryan Klesko leaves, we could have a hole in the outfield that Finley would fill nicely. -- Julie J., San Diego

This is a potential straight-up swap -- Finley for Klesko -- that could work to everyone's advantage if the money issues could be ironed out. Finley slumped badly in 2005, as did Klesko in the second half, and a change of scenery could do wonders for both men.

Klesko would have to waive his contractual veto right, but for a return to Anaheim and a chance to play for a World Series contender, he might be convinced it's the right thing to stick to the designated hitter role and save wear and tear on his shoulder and back. Finley keeps himself in great shape and can still play center field.

Finley had a bad year and may not have his skills anymore, but we know for a fact that Klesko has lost his skills and has a horrible attitude. The benefit of Finley is that he can play defense with the best of them. Klesko plays outfield like a gorrilla on rollerskates.

So what would the Padres owe Finley? Would he get 10 million? Is this just more of the KT's crush on Finley and former Padres in general?

Also in this MLB mailbag they talk about the Padres giving up on Nady as a third basemen for no apparent reason and the fact that the Padres are not going to increase their payroll.