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Live by the sword. Dye by the sword.

(I seriously could do the puns for your local sports page.)

Apparently, some Houston fans (ahem, the chronicle) and players are complaining about the phantom HBP that Jermaine Dye got called on him last night. So speaketh Brad Ausmus:

"If you get hit on (the hand) by a 90 mph fastball," the Astros catcher said, "you're jumping up and down. He didn't react at all"
The best thing about this article? No mention of Craig Biggio, the Astros speedy, quick handed second baseman, yet the man who has such god awful slow reflexes as to regularly get hit by anything pitched within 3 feet of him. Not even just these 90 mph fastballs, but all the 60 mph breaking stuff as well.

Anyways, Astros. Not to throw salt on the wound or anything, but them's the breaks. You'll have your chances at Minute Maid.