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Towers vs Theo

Padres MVN and Ducksnorts are firmly in the camp that says that Towers leaving the organization would be a bad thing. Gaslamp Ball is a little more indifferent. Sometimes the winds of chang blow. And when change is blowing, somebody's bound to get blown.

I think the main argument being made is that unless we get somebody better than Towers in that spot, we won't be any better for the experience. Well what if we got somebody like Theo Epstein?

Epstein's detractors would argue he inherited a good team and also benefited from having a hands-on CEO such as Larry Lucchino, who has considerable baseball operations experience.
Well, what better place to prove himself than San Diego? Here's a team, probably not as handcuffed as others in terms of payroll, but obviously not a powerhouse, where Theo could prove that his Red Sox team wasn't a fluke. He's familiar with the organization. He's potentially a free agent. And who wouldn't want to be a young, rich, handsome man in San Diego?
Towers is expected to leave in the wake of Sandy Alderson's hiring as Padres president last month, which clearly means a diminishing of the autonomy he enjoyed. Grady Fuson and A's assistant GM David Forst are reportedly the leading candidates for that position, though it's not far-fetched to believe Epstein's name will be floated if he becomes a free agent.
That should be some kinda interesting.