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Padres Fans meeting at Chipotle

I was eating at Chipotle at SDSU and this guy kept kinda looking at me.  I was looking back, thinking "Do I know this guy?"  He kinda looks familiar, but I have no idea where I would know him from.  

As he got up to leave he walked by and shook my hand and introduced himself.  Turns out he sits next to Dex's wife's uncle's season ticket seats.  He's like "Hey I'm Greg.  I sit next to you guys sometimes."  Instantly I remembered.  He's a real nice guy.  A big supporter or Grossmont League H.S. Baseball as well.  

He wished me good luck on the Bochy for Mayor campaign and said "Go Padres!"  For the record we are just supporters of the Bochy for Mayor guys and can't take any credit for their genius.

Anyway it was a cool Padres fan moment.