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Gaslamp Ball Halloween Costume Ideas

I decided to make a list of ideas for this year. Feel free to add some of your own.

Phil Nevin -- Texas Hat, gold chain, straight jacket, wrap around Oakley's sunglasses, cleats with no shoe laces, and baseball pants with no belt.

Brian Giles -- Beach muscles, spray on tan, hair dye, small shower towel.

Khalil -- Spock ears, greasy blonde wig, baggy uniform and 3/4 sleeve undershirt, emotionless face

Ryan Klesko -- Hunting cap, abnormal side burns and goatee, bootworld boots, boogie board and massage table

Pad Squadder -- Squad Jersey, booty shorts, dimples, attitude, huge ego, sling shot, foam base balls, batting gloves and head band.

Update [2005-10-21 17:33:6 by jbox]:

X Nady -- Padres Uni and a bench strapped to your back side