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U.S. Presidents and Baseball

Here are some interesting facts about U.S. presidents and baseball.

07-15-1969     President Richard Nixon is the first to see a triple play while at a game.
04-14-1910     President William H. Taft threw out the first season Opening Day pitch to Walter Johnson.
04-04-1993     President Bill Clinton is the first to throw the first pitch from the pitcher's mound and make it to the catcher.

I find this kinda stuff real interesting.  I can't believe it took so long for a President to throw from the mound.  I'd like to see a President throw something besides a fast ball.  Like a big looping curve or a wicked fork ball.  Although I think Bush's pitch after 9/11 had a little bit of movement on it, but I believe it was a fast ball.

Kournikova throw an evil 12 to 6 pitch from the mound.  Granted she's a professional athlete and hot, but let's see a President do something cool, like hack up some snot and throw a spit ball.

I like imagining George Washington playing catch with Joseph Reed during the Battle of Brooklyn to relax and form strategies.  Playing catch is great for thinking.

"He (President George Washington) sometimes throws and catches a ball for hours with his aide-de-camp." - Unidentified Soldier's Letter

President Carter was the only President to attend a Padres game.  I don't know that to be true, but it probably is.  

This is kinda weird, I don't even remember this from 1995 but here is a letter from President Carter pleading for Pete Rose to be welcomed back by baseball.