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It's World Series Time!

Good for Houston. I didn't think they could do it. I would have sworn for the last three years that this team wasn't for real. Smoke and mirrors and all that. But I was wrong! Oh how wrong I was.

This looks like it should be a good one. A slobberknocker one might say. Dominating pitching vs scrappy hitting on both sides. Either way, somebody's going to be happy after being sad for a while. And I guess somebody will be kinda sad after being sad for a while too. Hmmmmm...

I'll be a little honest though... Until they start playing the games, I'm feeling a little bit indifferent. Or maybe it's just that I woke up with an upset stomach. In any case, I refer you to a couple of Astros blogs that I read: Crawfish Boxes and the Juice Box. And I also refer you to a couple of White Sox blogs as well: Exile in Wrigleyville and South Side Sox. I'm not referring you to anything in particular other than if you're looking for some info, you'll likely find it in those places.