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Now we don't have to worry about that anymore

With the loss to the Dodgers last night, the Padres are guaranteed the lowest winning percentage of a division winner. Some people, out of obvious pathetic envy, think we "have no right" to the postseason. To those people, here's a list:

Arizona, Atlanta, Colorado, Florida, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, St Louis and Washington.

I've mentioned this before, but those were the teams, not including interleague play, that the Padres won their season series against. If you'll notice, that's all of the teams in our division except for the Dodgers. That list also includes the winners of the other two National League divisions.

So, why exactly don't we "deserve" to be in the postseason? We were better than our division. That's the traditional way to demonstrate a team deserves a spot in the postseason. That couldn't be what people are thinking about.

Or maybe we don't deserve a spot because we wouldn't be competitive there. Doubter might say there's no way we can beat St. Louis. Well, that doesn't quite hold up either, does it? The Padres are 3-1 in Busch this year. I mean, check the scoreboard, doubters. The Padres demonstrated that they're better than the Cardinals this season. The logic might strange, but honestly, I could care less who all you can beat. Can you beat me? The Braves did no better. Padres managed to beat them five times this season out of six opportunities.

I could see that argument holding up if they spotted teams a couple runs in the post season for every win they got during the regular season, but now, that would be ridiculous, wouldn't it?

So let the doubters doubt. We're here now. Braves fan and Cardinals fan will tell you that the head to head record during the season doesn't matter. Well then, neither do any of the other records. We're all in the post season now. New set of rules.