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Kevin Towers vs Sandy Alderson

Honestly, I don't think Kevin Towers is long for the organization. It's very difficult to go as long as KT and Bochy have gone with such mediocre results before changes get made. With Sandy Alderson coming down to San Diego, suddenly this town isn't big enough for the both of them. Tim Sullivan attempts to break down the situation.

The Padres' general manager has not been asked to leave. His keys continue to fit the locks at Petco Park. His parking space remains reserved. Officially, at least, he is still wanted, still welcome and still entitled to the employee discount.
His initials are still carved in the first stall in the men's room. He still opens doors and shuts them again. His chair is still warm from the heat of his butt.

Me and Tim Sullivan could go on and on.

I think Sullivan is reluctant to burn any bridges though as he sings some curious praises.
The seasoned baseball executive recognizes when he's become superfluous; when his seven-figure contract is considered a liability rather than an organizational asset; when it's time to make for the exits and Kevin Towers is more seasoned than most.
Everybody knows that this organization is the only one Towers has been a part of. So how seasoned could he possibly be in the process of changing organizations? If ever there was a time that he recognized he's become superfluous, then this would be the first. Does being in one place for eight, nine or ten years automatically entitle you to knowledge the rest of us don't have? I tried that in college. It didn't work that way. I'm just sayin'.