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Inquiry to the Hall of Fame

I was so curious about what it would take for mere fans to get into the Hall of Fame, I e-mailed Jeff Idelson about it.


Hope everything's going well for you and yours as we head into the World Series! I just wanted to know something. I noticed that the fan who caught the two home run balls is going to get his picture in an exhibit in the Museum.

Can you give me a few tips on what I have to do to get into the Hall of Fame? Would you ever consider putting a blogger in?

Also, let's say I caught a historically significant home run ball and before I donated it, I signed my name on it with a sharpie. Maybe I'd draw a little flower on it or something. Would you then have to put something in the exhibit to explain away all the scribblings? Has that ever happened?

Thanks for your time! I know this is probably a busy part of the year for you!
"How long you been a Padre fan?"
"Since '76, holmes. Since '76."
He was traveling on business, but was kind enough to get on the blackberry and get back to me.

If you catch the home run baseball that ends the longest game, playoff game, or World Series game in history, and then generously donate it back to the Hall of Fame, we would be delighted to put your photo with the ball. If you catch more than one, even more impressive.

Take Care,
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Three things here:
  1. He typed out my full name on his blackberry even though I believe I've always referred to myself as Dex to him. It makes me wonder more and more if I shouldn't be referring to him as "Mr. Idelson".

  2. It was originally jbox's idea to sign his name to something significant before donating it to the Hall of Fame. Sort of insurance to make sure his name got into the Hall, but apparently, according to the Hall of Fame, all you really have to do is ask nicely.

  3. No reference to the question of the blogger getting into the Hall. Probably need to work on getting a respectable image as a medium.