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DJ, Manny, Lopes, Picciolo... GONE!

The Padres will not renew the contracts of Lopes, Picciolo and advance scout Jeff Gardner.
The Padres also released infielder Manny Alexander and announced infielder Damian Jackson had elected free agency after clearing outright waivers.

So long.  At first I thought, why DJ?  He's the fastest guy on the team and you keep saying you want speed.  Then I thought about it.  I'm glad they're gone, I want as many guys as possible gone from the 2005 team.  I'm sick of those guys.

You gotta think Magadan isn't long for his position.  How could he be?  Bochy is lucky he signed when he did, because he'd probably be gone too.  He's crazy for trying to keep his coaching staff together.  

I created a diary so we can keep track of the changes in the off season.  

Padres Roster Changes