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Towers close to gone

Let me say that I like Kevin Towers. He's appears to be a very frank and honest guy. He's obviously passionate. He has great taste in clothes.

While he's been with us, I have been a little weirded out by how much he crushes on dudes from Southern California. That phase of a solid 8 years there where he was guaranteeing huge contracts for everybody was also a little strange. And don't get me started on this concept of bringing guys back after they've been let go or traded away. Let Steve Finley be!

So it comes as no surprise to read more rumors that Towers will be gone soon.

Two people close to Towers said the GM is interested in his prospects outside San Diego because he has doubts about retaining his GM role with the Padres under CEO Sandy Alderson.
Well, I mean, it can't possibly just be because Sandy Alderson's there. Don't tell me that Towers believed his own hype about winning the division. I know we all took that as a positive, but let's be real. You don't need East Coast Bias to realize how lame it is to win a division with an 82-80 record while the second place team is 8 under .500. For the record, it's exceedingly lame. On like a historical level of lameness.

Also in the article:
Meanwhile, the Padres' front office is on the verge of altering Bruce Bochy's coaching staff, despite Bochy's comments that all of his coaches will return in the same roles in 2006.

Pitching coach Darren Balsley will be brought back, but the front office is likely to replace one or two coaches.
I'm glad that Balsley's being retained. I think he works well with the pitchers and gets solid performances out of them. It's not his fault his fifth starter was cursed for a good part of the season.

As far as the other coaches are concerned, I can't see how Magadan will be around for next year. As the year progressed, our impatient hitters became more impatient. It seemed to me that once runners were on base, the batters actually expanded their strike zones and were given a really bright green light to swing on the first pitch. The philosophy that Magadan's installed in them is either horribly wrong, or he's simply not effective at getting the message across. Either way, if he's not performing his function, then he needs to go. Simple as that.

Peach, I'd like to take in from third base coach and stick him as bench coach. The players really like him, but he lacks a good instinct at third base it's souring him with fans. And by fans I mean me.

Overall, I'm looking forward to the changes. Change is good. 82-80 is not good.