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Fun with Google

I was reading Lifehacker and came across this interesting post. Basically, on Google, you can use a wildcard within a statement to find how other people would fill that statement in. I gave it a try.

First, the statement "The San Diego Padres are * team". I figure this would get us some good indication of what kind of team the internet believes the San Diego Padres to be. The first 5 results:

The San Diego Padres are

  1. ...a Major League Baseball Team. Fair enough.

  2. ...a professional baseball team. A little more general I suppose.

  3. ...proud to be The Team of the Military. Damn straight!

  4. ...another team that has gotten off to a slow start and whether or not they respond is anyone's guess. A little long winded.

  5. ...usually a pretty crappy team. Hey now! What's more troubling is this statement started with "Real baseball fans know..." Well, I'll tell you. YOUR team's the crappy one around here.