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How to get on base

Pierzynski got on base in the ninth today on what was thought to be a dropped third strike swinging. The replay shows it probably didn't actually touch the ground. A pinch runner and a double later and the White Sox win the game.

Sucks to be the Angels I guess, though thems the breaks. When we played adult league baseball, we had a guy on the team who would always start running for first on any swinging strike three. A couple of times, I think the catcher just got so distracted by all the movement that he'd then drop the ball. On the way to first base, our guy would try to read the eyes of the first baseman to see if the ball was coming from inside or outside the foul line. Depending on where the ball was coming from, he'd try to screen the first baseman out a little bit. With any kind of luck, he'd manage to catch the thrown baseball in the back of the helmet, thereby virtually guaranteeing that he'd get on base.

My move was to get hit a lot. I'd stand about an inch or two off the plate and get plunked. We looked over some old scorecards and there were back to back games where I got hit twice. Four HBP in 7 ABs. Take that, Biggio!