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Stuff people send in

So far, I think tfast is winning the Gaslamp Ball AV Club Photo Contest. Considering she and Jon are the only readers who send photos in and Jon sends us pictures like this:

I could buy you and sell you

That there is C.S. Keys at a Padres game. C.S. (if that is his real name) is the sports guy for one of the local TV stations here in San Diego.

Now tfast... She sends in a classic:

Charlie Hustle and the Chicks

That's tfast with some girl who I don't know and Pete Rose. Me, personally, I like the Pete Rose style of picture. There's something crazy about it. I guess there's something crazy about a stalkerazzi picture of C.S. Keys, but the Pete Rose picture is a little more likeble crazy as opposed to "you really want me to put that on the blog?" crazy.

Still... I provide both for your viewing pleasure.

[editor's note, by Dex] Actually, PeavyRules has sent in pictures also. I'll have to dig some of those up and get them online.