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Who are you rooting for now?

So I'm hoping the White Sox go to the World Series and win it all. My only real reason being that they haven't won since like 1883 or somthing. Somebody was asking me over the weekend why I wouldn't root for Anaheim considering they're so close to San Diego. Two reasons:

  1. Those guys don't want anything to do with Orange County, much less the cities south of there. They want to be associated with Los Angeles, and that makes them posers.

  2. I'd rather the White Sox won.
I'm not going to be out and out cheering for the White Sox or anything, but they're the only team left that I'm indifferent to. The way I figure it, I don't want to see Houston win before the Padres. I've already seen Anaheim win. And I don't want to see a team win whose fans think that they somehow "deserve" to win. Like they're entitled to it on the basis of them being "smart" fans or something. That's just condescending. Also, it's impossible for Buzz Bissinger to have a bigger crush on Tony LaRussa and I think it would be funny to break that guy's heart. LaRussa, I'm sure, gets crazy annoyed having to answer that guy's phone calls all the time. Buzz, salivating into his cellphone like an 11 year old girl. "So Tony. That was like so cool the way you called for the suicide squeeze! Tony, can I have another autograph? Tony, can I squeeze you?"

Therefore, that leaves the White Sox. The Curse of the Forgotten Curse. Go Pale Hose!