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I hate Klesko

I just about projectile vomitted when I saw this article titled:  Klesko is pivotal figure for Padres

"I'm probably 80, 90 percent sure I'll stay. If they decided they want to rebuild, then we'll see - but I think this team is too solid. We have good guys coming back like (Jake) Peavy and (Scott) Linebrink. You're going to have too good a team.

Dude, LEAVE! We're uhh rebuilding.

"I think everybody's going to come back better and stronger, and hopefully next year we can do a little better than what we did this year."

A little better?  Bochy could field a team of 7 blind orangutans and they could do a little better.  LEAVE!

Manager Bruce Bochy had planned on moving the left fielder to first base in August, but Klesko's back problems forced Bochy to hold off. After first baseman Phil Nevin was traded on July 29, Xavier Nady was the primary starter. Citing Nady's struggles against right-handers,

What about Klesko's problem with hitting or fielding a ball?  Free Nady!

For now, he said he's eager to stop swinging a bat for a few weeks so that he can recover from a neck ailment that required a cortisone shot in August.

Klesko stopped swinging the bat like 2 years ago right?  Man I hate you, Klesko.

After reading the article I think they mean it is pivotal that Klesko leave.