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Gaslamp Ball just got selected on Deadspin as one of Blogdome's Best Padres Blogs. We probably fit the Deadspin mold more than the other blogs. And by that I mean, more blind rants and observations about player hairstyles and less on the analysis. It's good to be appreciated.

To answer the potential questions:

  • "Gaslamp Ball" refers to the fact that the Padres play in the historic Gaslamp District of Downtown San Diego.

  • Bochy For Mayor isn't really our campaign, but one that we really liked and got behind this season. They still have t-shirts left. The further away we get from the baseball season and the elections, the more obscure they'll be. Obscure = Cool.

  • Jbox is a little peeved that he was seemingly ignored. I attribute it to Deadspin being condescending Cardinals fans more than finding any real fault in the blog.
Overall... Hooray us!