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Bullied football player Kacey Strough expected to survive brain surgery


Bullied football player Kasey Strough More details are emerging about the attack on 16-year-old Iowa football player Kacey Strough that sent...

Bullied Iowa high school football player in a coma after attack by teammates


A 16-year-old Iowa high school football player is in a coma after brain surgery. Last week his teammates unleashed a series of attacks to Kacey Strough's head with a football. Strough allegedly...

Hazed & killed Florida A&M drum major Robert Champion was gay, family sues


Florida A&M drum major Robert Champion was beaten and killed in a band hazing ritual aboard a team bus in November. The family has acknowledged he was gay, and some students claim the excessive...

'Ookie cookie' hazing incident grips Andover Massachusetts high school basketball


The Andover High School basketball team has been torn apart by a hazing incident that has left two students expelled from the school and seven more suspended. The incident took place at Hoop...

'Power gobbling': Hazing leads to sex assault charges for Montana high school football player


A Great Falls, Mont., high school football player is facing rape and sexual assault charges after a hazing incident this fall in the locker room. Alex Botina-Roehm, 18, was arrested Monday and is...

Boise State player in rape hazing allegations


Three college football players, including a freshman walk-on at Boise State, have been charged with sexual assault in conjunction with hazing allegations from their high school senior year on the...

Is holding hands 'hazing' in football?


What do high school football parents, players and administrators think of gay people? Exhibit No. 692 comes to us from Gateway High School in Aurora, Colo. It seems two players got into a little...

Boston Red Sox endorse hazing


There are few stories that come across my inbox that make me more mad than hazing stories. The latest comes from yet another sports franchise that "prides" itself on its hazing tradition: The...

A lesbian coach, her firing and sheep feces


A Maine jury will have to decide whether a high school softball coach was fired because she is a lesbian or because she made her team walk through sheep feces as part of a hazing ritual. A Maine...

Heads to roll over volleyball hazing?


At Taft High School in Woodland Hills, Calif., near Los Angeles, heads may roll over an alleged hazing incident that reportedly featured the volleyball team holding down a freshman and sodomizing...

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