Quiz: Padres pitchers with a CG 1-hit shutout

This is one of those quizzes where you get a free answer going into it, because you've already heard about the complete-game one-hit shutout gem Andrew Cashner pitched against the Tigers last...

Quiz: Players who were both Padres and Dodgers

How many of the 93 can you name in 10 minutes?

Quiz: Opening Night Roster

How many members of the Padres' 2014 Opening Night 25-man roster can you name in five minutes?

Quiz: Padres Who Wore #1

Eighteen players have worn number 1 as a member of the Padres. How many can you name in four minutes?

Quiz: Padres Closers

Can you name the 10 Padres pitchers with at least one 20-save season?

Quiz: 2013 Padres No Longer With The Team

22 players who saw regular season action with the Padres in 2013 are no longer with the team. How many can you name in 5 minutes?

Quiz: Most Common Full Names

I realize we've really inundated you with quizzes over the last week, but this one is sort of connected to the last two name quizzes I created, so we might as well get it out of the way.  Plus you...

Quiz: Padres Who Played In Game 163

Have you erased the details from your memory yet?

Quiz: The most common Padres first names

Yesterday we quizzed you on the most common Padres last names.  Today we will quiz you on the most common Padres player's first names.  How exciting! In the quiz, you will be asked to guess the...

Quiz: Hitless Padres Position Players

16 position players went their entire Padres career without recording a hit. How many can you name in 4 minutes?


Quiz: The most common Padres last names

We have been quizzing you off and on for over a year now and you have told us that when you don't know the answer and time is running out you'll start to guess some of the more common player's last...

Quiz: Name every Gonzalez in Padres history

There have been eight Gonzalezes (Gonzali?) in Padres history. Can you name them all?

Quiz: Padres Starting Second Basemen

29 players have spent at least a season as the Padres' primary second baseman; how many can you name in 5 minutes?

Quiz: 1969 Padres Roster

42 players saw action in at least one game with the inaugural Padres. How many can you name in 5 minutes?

QUIZ: Name the Padres' 2014 Spring Training Roster

Try to name all 60 players in 8 minutes.

Quiz: Pitchers with 100 Starts as a Padre

You have four minutes to name as many of the twenty as you can.

QUIZ: Can you name all the Padres All-Stars?

Including the coaches and trainers?

Quiz: 1996 Padres Regular Season Roster

How many of the 43 can you name in eight minutes?

Quiz: Padres with 12 Total Bases in a Game

Eight players have done it a total of nine times. How many can you name in two minutes?

Quiz: 2005 Padres NLDS Roster

25 players, five minutes.

Quiz: 2006 Padres NLDS Roster

You have five minutes to name all 25 players.

Quiz: Match these 25 Padres to their nicknames

Over the weekend I discovered that Sporcle.com gives us the option of making matching quizzes.  Since our buddy TheThinGwynn loves to be all matchy, I thought I'd create a quiz for him... and...

Can you name the top players for each season?

I'm dealing with a mild case of writer's block.  Combine that with the fact that there's not much Padres news floating around right now and I'm left struggling to find something to write about. ...

Quiz: Padres Gold Glove Winners

Ten players have won at least one Rawlings Gold Glove Award as a member of the San Diego Padres. How many can you name in two minutes?

Quiz: 11 Padres with 8-or-more-game walk streaks

11 Padres have walked in eight or more straight games, with two tied for the record of 12 games.

Quiz: Name The Padres Designated Hitters

There have been 55 players who have been a DH for the Padres since the abomination that is interleague baseball was forced upon us. How many can you name?

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