Gaslamp Ballmanac

Information about the Padres based on seasons, tides, phases of the moon, etc.

The worst 20 game skid in Padres history


Over the weekend I wrote about how the Padres had gone 3-17 in their last 20 games. I knew things were bad, but I just didn't realize how bad until I actually counted the number of losses. I...

Padres are 3-17 in last 20 games


Remember how badly the Padres started the season? It was their worst start in franchise history. They went 5-15 in their first 20 games. Terrible, right? Couldn't get much worse. Fortunately...

A look at the Padres 2nd half record


Jeez, the Padres suuuuck right now. No Padres team has ever started the second half of their season going 0-9. It's kind of hard to believe that they could still be looking for their first win...

The Padres' first half


Here we are, juuuust past the midpoint of the season. In the last ten games, the top three teams in the division have slipped into mediocrity by going 4-6. The Giants have plummeted to 4th place...

Best and worst records over 162 consecutive games


I was listening to Marty Caswell's interview with Padres GM Josh Byrnes earlier and he was referencing the fact that the Padres were doing quite well over the last 12 months. If you remember the...

Padres record on Father's Day


Here's a request for the Gaslamp Ballmanac: Hey @gaslampball, what’s the Padres’ record on Fathers’ Day? #GaslampBallmanac — Richard (@gdarklighter) June 16, 2013 A good question...

Record for last 49 games is best for franchise


About a month ago we played make believe. We imagined that the first 20 games of the season never happened. Remember how they started a franchise worst 5-15? Now forget it. The Padres at that...

Best and Worst Months in Padres History


I was reading this CBS article over the weekend about how the Marlins Are On Pace To Be The Worst Team Ever. The Marlins were 6-22 in May and the author of the article compares them to the 1962 M...

May 31st, the winningest date in Padres history


The Gaslamp Ballmanac has taught us much about baseball. Most importantly that today is the winningest date in Padres history. At least for dates that have had more than 4 games. Look here. ...

50 games to start your season


Don't make it a dud, Bud. Don't lose pace, Chase. Make it a thrill, Will.

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