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Information about the Padres based on seasons, tides, phases of the moon, etc.

The Padres have been shutout 11 times in 66 games


Yesterday marked the 11th time the Padres were shutout this season, giving them the Padres' record after 65 games.  Today they are tied with the 1969 Padres for most shutouts in 66 games.  That's...

The Padres score 200 runs... in 66 games


The Padres are still last in the MLB in runs scored, but they finally hit the 200 run barrier in their 66th game.  Only the 1972 Padres took longer to get to 200 runs, hitting the total in 68...

Padres having trouble scoring more than three runs


I saw this interesting tweet from Craig Elsten that reveals another example of the 2014 Padres' offensive futility: 39 times out of 64 games this year (61%) the @Padres have scored 3 runs or...

The Padres have won 72% of their games on May 31st


The Padres have their highest winning percentage on May 31 if you don't count the few games in the last two days of March. Date Wins Games Win % 30-Mar 1 ...

Which Padres opponent draws the most attendance?


I could have made time to go to either of the past two games, but I just didn't really have any interest in seeing the Padres play the Twins.  I questioned myself and I think it's because I'm...

Historically Padres win Game 40s


As you saw in a post from just a few days ago the Padres have their lowest winning percentage on the 36th game of the season.  Conversely the game with the highest winning percentage is Game 40. ...

Padres have lost 82% of their 36th games


I told you last year that the Padres were cursed on their 36th game of the season and then they lost again.  I tried to warn you, but not one of you would listen. They've lost 82% of their 36th...

Attendance was 2nd lowest in Petco Park history


Last night the Padres hosted the second lowest attendance in Petco Park history, just 443 fans too many to tie the record. This is historically a slow time of year for fan attendance.  Look at the...

Compiling Padres Line scores


I'm not quite sure why I compiled all the Padres offense's Line Scores, except that I was curious.  I wanted to see which inning the Padres tend to score the most runs and the least.  It turns out...

Pitching keeping Padres in race


The 2014 Padres have allowed their opponents to score at total of 100 runs after 28 games.  That ties them with the 1985 and 2002 Padres for 4th among all Padres teams.  The 2010 (92), 1972 (95)...


Padres play first extra-inning game of the year


I noticed a little earlier in the week that the Padres still hadn't played their first extra-inning game of the year.  Well it happened last night.  The Padres beat the Brewers in 12 innings thanks...

Padres are 9-11 after 20 games


Last year after 20 games the Padres were tied for the worst start in franchise history with a record of 5-15.  This year they have 4 more wins and sit at a 9-11 record.  It's not a great start but...

Padres pitchers stingy with runs in first 19 games


Here's another interesting tweet, this one from Geoff Young of Ducksnorts. #Padres runs allowed through 19 G: 2012, 81; 2013, 93; 2014, 60. Only once has team allowed fewer than this year: 1985...

April runs hard to come by at Petco Park for Pads


I saw this tweet from Craig Elsten the other day about the Padres poor run production in April during the Petco Park era. The #Padres have sucked at scoring runs in April since moving to Petco....

April 19th still pretty close to the worst date


April 19th has historically been the worst date in Padres history, but because this year's Padres team lost on April 2nd, that date has now claimed that title. Although you'll notice that the...

Padres' attendance in first 10 home games


I saw this tweet four days ago from VP of Marketing Wayne Partello regarding the Padres attendance. Actually the stat is that #PetcoPark is currently #7 in MLB attendance. #...

The Padres after 9 games


We heard all offseason from both GM Josh Byrnes and Manager Bud Black about how important it was for the Padres to get off to a good start to the season.  With both the Dodgers and Giants in the...

Which comes first the shutout by or of the Padres?


I've been out of town on bizness since last weekend and had very little access to a computer, so my blogging is a little bit behind.  While I was gone, the Padres were shutout for the first time. ...

Doubleheaders for Pads becoming rare


It's increasingly rare that Major League Baseball schedules a doubleheader. In the 70's it was a pretty common occurrence for all teams. In the 1971 season the Padres played 20 doubleheaders, the...

Padres have spent 34% of their games in last place


A few days back I blogged about the Padres' last games in first place and I totaled up the number of games they spent in first place for each season.  From my tally they have spent 984 games total...

The Padres' last games in first place


I was going to post this data table and see if you could guess what it is, but instead I'll just tell you. This is latest the Padres were in first place in their division for each season.  Those...

Padres Win % as it relates to runs


I was thinking about the Padres win percentage last night as it relates to the number of runs the Padres score.  Today I made some data tables. Winning percentage by Padres' runs scored R...

Every MLB team's record at Petco Park


Over the weekend I watched about three minutes of a baseball game being played in Boston.  Two teams, who weren't the Padres, were playing against each other so fiercely it was almost like the game...

2013 Padres against their opponents


I was going to quiz myself to see if I could name the teams that the Padres owned during the season.  There weren't really any but they did rent-to-own a few teams.  Since the season is all a blur...

2013 sets extra-innings record


A look at the Padres extra-inning game data throughout history

Padres get their 70th win, finally


Some teams never win 70 games in a season.  Thirty Padres teams have though.  If you're looking at Padres history and comparing those teams who have won at least 70 then you'll notice that the 2013...

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