Fox Sports San Diego

FSSD has 52% ratings increase, highest in MLB

The Padres may have the 3rd lowest average audience size in Major League Baseball with 29,000 households, but they've seen a 52% increase in their ratings in the last year, the most in the Majors. ...

Padres Social 2

Jon and I attended the Padres Social last night, which meant we bought tickets in a group with about 70 others who use Social Media in some aspect of their lives. The price, I think, doubled from...

Laura Mckeeman throws 1st pitch, off the market

Fox Sports San Diego Host Laura Mckeeman threw out the first pitch at a Rays game over the weekend. She's the one pictured below... on the right... the blonde one... wearing the crown. You...

1998 Padres Retro Night in review

Autographs Jon and I went to Friday's 1998 Retro Night last Friday. We got to Petco Park at 5 pm so Jon could get his jersey autographed by a few more members of the 1998 team. When we arrived...

Enberg tending to serious family medical issue

Legendary broadcaster Dick Enberg has been noticeably missing from the Padres broadcast booth for what feels like a couple of weeks now. It wasn't until a few days ago that viewers learned that it...

Flower Show entry demands TW carry the Padres

See what happens when you piss off florists?

Padres won't be seen on Time Warner in 2013

Fox Sports San Diego met with Time Warner Cable Customers, we went to moderate.


VIDEO: Megan Olivi hitting at Petco Park

Jonny Dub and I went to Padres Media Night last week with a bunch of other bloggers and media types. We came away exhausted and sore but with with spirits soaring! One of the highlights every...

Now the government is getting involved, folks

If Time Warner Cable and Fox Sports San Diego don't figure this thing out, the city government is going to get involved, by listening very carefully and counciling and/or governing.

Fox Sports San Diego announces New On-Air talent

Fox Sports San Diego announced today that they're adding three new reporters to their team. The three ladies will join crusty old jocks Dick Enberg, Mark Grant, Mark Sweeney and Mike Pomeranz. "...

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