Fox Sports San Diego

Saturday's game, the highest rated for FSSD


A few bits of news from Fox Sports San Diego.

Fox Sports San Diego ratings up 11% from last year


Last year in 2013 the ratings jumped by 30% from 2012.  In 2014 the ratings hopped up an additional 11% over 2013.  A more modest increase considering Time Warner Cable coming on board during the...

Fans love the new location of FSSD's pregame set


Fox Sports San Diego gets us.  Sometimes it seems like they know what we like before we do.  When they chose to remove their Padres Live set from the distant and dusty Park at the Park and...

FSSD's pregame set looks great in left field


Pssst. PSSST! You there... come closer... there... like that.

FSSD reintroduces super slow-mo camera


It was announced today that Fox Sports San Diego would be reintroducing the super slow-mo Phantom Camera to their broadcasts to accompany their usual line of advanced baseball TV making...

Padres #SocialHour premieres today


Tune in to the first ever episode of the Padres' new pregame multimedia show this afternoon at 5:00.

Watching #SDLive get made at FSSD studios


Hey Dudes, I wrote this blog post on March 20th about our trip to see #SDLive get made on the 19th. I wanted to wait to publish the post until I saw the finished product on TV which, due to our...

Fox Sports San Diego Spring Training Trip Video


Embedded below you'll find Fox Sports San Diego's video from last weekend's trip to Spring Training.  The passenger manifest consisted of FSSD employees, elite Padres bloggers, contest winning fans...

Watching Brooks Conrad on the back fields


On Saturday morning at 11 am, "Fast" Eddie, the driver of the Fox Sports San Diego's  Fan Express Bus, picked us up our hotel in Glendale and delivered us to the Peoria Sports Complex.  With two...

Alliterative Padres Names


You've probably heard by now, but Dex and I hitched a ride on Fox Sports San Diego's new Fan Express bus to Spring Training in Peoria, Arizona last Friday.  Dex was asked to be one of the bloggers...


FSSD announces channel info for TWC subscribers


Last month we got the news that a long-awaited deal was finally made between Time Warner Cable and Fox Sports San Diego. After two years of unsuccessful talks and attempts at reaching a deal...

FSSD officially announces preseason TV schedule


As previously reported Padres fans may get to watch up to 13 games before the regular season starts.  Fox Sports San Diego will broadcast 10 of them.  It's so exciting for those of us that have...

FSSD and MLB Network To Show 13 ST Games


San Diego Padres will be seen in 13 games during Spring Training on Fox Sports San Diego and the MLB Network.

Kris Budden Joins Fox Sports San Diego


jbox knew it was going to happen.

Is Kris Budden FSSD's other new reporter?


Is Kris Budden the final piece missing in the Fox Sports San Diego puzzle? Well I guess if we've come this far with my crazy theories, what's one more? Rumor has it that Fox Sports San Diego is...

Is Katie Osborne a new FSSD reporter?


You may remember long ago when I suspected that Brook Roberts might be a new Fox Sports San Diego host.  I went through all the evidence that I thought backed up my suspicion and even linked to a...

Is Brook Roberts a new FSSD host?


Fox Sports San Diego can't seem to keep their field reporter and host positions filled for very long.  Since the Padres signed a contract with FSSD, we've sadly seen Britt McHenry, Cary Chow, Leila...

Gyorko, Venable, and Alonso Make A Few Confessions


Jedd Gyorko, Will Venable, and Yonder Alonso participate in a tell-all segment for #SDLive

SDSU class's FSSD marketing campaign rolled out


You may remember a year ago Fox Sports San Diego announced that they would enlist the help of SDSU's Marketing 472 class to promote their Padres coverage.  The project would benefit both FSSD with...

Time Warner Cable Agrees To Deal; Padres For All


After two years the two sides finally come to an agreement.

A Baseball Ghost Story from the Vinoy Hotel


As far as I know there are two haunted hotels that are frequented by Major League Baseball players.  There's the Pfister in Milwaukee, WI and the Vinoy in St. Petersburg, FL.  The Pfister has more...

Padres ratings up 30% from last season


Fox Sports San Diego announced today that their ratings were 30% higher than they were last season.

Fox Sports Girl Nathalie is leaving, forever


It was just a 1 1/4 years ago that we were sent this secret message through the mail.  The message teased us with the identity of a new Fox Sports San Diego Girl that we would later find out was...


Chris Robinson showered with water in interview

In the gallery above, you can click through four pictures of Padres catcher Chris Robinson getting doused with a bucket of water in what might be considered his baptism as a Major League Hitter. ...

Top 10 Highest Rated Padres Games on FSSD


I've been seeing the Fox Sports Fan Express Bus everywhere in the past few weeks. Every time I see it I think to myself how fun it'd be to drive. I dream of a day when the Fan Express Bus is...

Fox Sports SD Will "Bring It Home" in September


FSSD is set to launch their fan appreciation initiative throughout the whole month of September.

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