Suppose Huston Street were to achieve a level of greatness in a padres uniform that would earn him getting a street in San Diego named after him. Would it be called Huston Street? or Street Street?

Baseball Uniform Rankings

Lukas is far harsher on the Padres than I am, probably because he (justifiably) misses the great early '80s garb. I'm in the minority on this, I suspect, but I'll confess to be a sucker for the military alternate uniforms. Sometimes I wonder if they should just make them their primary road jerseys.

Ranking all the uniforms of Major League Baseball. | : Will Leitch Article

Smartphone cover giveaway Saturday 7/13 models announced

I got a Friar Wire email today which announced which phone models the smartphone cover giveaway will include. iPhone 4/4s/5 Galaxy S 3/4 This is for the first 25,000 fans on Saturday 7/13

Friar Wire

Padres' turnaround begins with pitching, timely hitting

"We're in the middle of June and in the race," Byrnes said. "I do think we're competitive."

Padres' turnaround begins with pitching, timely hitting | News

Is Tony Gwynn rooting for the Padres or Strasburg?

Well he's going against my team. Hey I'm a Padre fan first. I love Strassy, but I'm going for us. Hey I hope he pitches well, but maybe the Padres win the game. That's the bottom line for me.

Darren Smith Show (MP3)

Jerry Coleman on Jackie Robinson

"I've said that 100 times,'' Coleman said. "Robinson was the guy who led the path at a national level. He was years before Martin Luther King. Can you imagine what that felt like for Robinson?''

Paris: Jerry Coleman never forgot his first sight of Jackie Robinson Page 1 of 2 |

Cashner Quotes

There’s nobody better with a knife than me.

Padres Know Too Well the Fragility of Pitching -

Craig Elsten: Padres Will Spring Forward Together

But I will tell you this: no manager is better suited to drag his team out of an early hole than Bud Black. No one is more capable of keeping 25-45 guys all pulling on the same rope in the same direction, all feeling like they are equally committed to the same goal, all believing they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Padres Will Spring Forward Together

Baseball Prospectus

I’m not sure any org in baseball can brag on lower-level pitching like the Padres.

Jason Parks: Baseball Prospectus | Prospects Will Break Your Heart: Backfields Notes: San Diego Padres ($)

Will Venable on Gwynn's 6 straight seasons of less than 20 Ks

"That’s a crazy statistic. Personally I just try to get through a week without striking out 20 times; so I’m Impressed with that for sure."

Record talk with the Padres |

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