Padres Draft Grades, 2005-08

  1. 2008: B
  2. 2007: C
  3. 2006: B
  4. 2005: C+
  5. via baseballamerica

Top 5 Reasons the OTs are always late now

  1. jbox found a special someone who shares his love of celebrities and pseudo-veganism.
  2. Dex got lost on the way back through Oregon, now practices homeopathic medicine from a shack in the woods.
  3. We are being punished for not appreciating their humor.
  4. They have a secret second family and are away on one of their "business trips."
  5. They hate this community and this is now Ducksnorts II.

Consecutive Games: Longest Active Streaks in the NL

  1. Ryan Howard, Phillies: 285
  2. Adrian Gonzalez, Padres: 218
  3. Raul Ibanez, Phillies: 170
  4. Chase Headley, Padres: 101
  5. No idea. They only listed the top 4 on MLBTV

Adrian Gonzalez 3/9/09 vs. South Africa

  1. 3 Hits (2 HRs, 2B, BB)
  2. 6 RBIs
  3. 2 HRS
  4. 3 Runs Scored
  5. .500 AVG on the WBC

Padres who attended Madonna Concert at Petco Park

  1. Trevor Hoffman
  2. Chris Young
  3. Dave Roberts (Former Padre)
  4. Kevin Kouzmanoff (probably there)
  5. Heath Bell (rumored to be there)

Leading Candidates to be fired as Padres Hitting Coach

  1. Jim Lefebvre, the organization's minor-league hitting consultant,
  2. Tony Muser, the minor-league hitting coordinator
  3. Portland hitting coach Max Venable
  4. San Antonio hitting coach Terry Kennedy.
  5. Lake Elsinore hitting coach Shane Spencer

Edgar Gonzalez's five-toughest rival pitchers he faced while at Eastlake High (1994-96).

  1. Jorge Campillo (Montgomery)
  2. Eric Chavez (Mt. Carmel)
  3. Ramon Jara (Chula Vista)
  4. Jose Luis Orosco (Mar Vista High)
  5. Ryan Jamison (El Cajon)

Onion Sports: All-Star Game Gimmicks

  1. Warning track covered with red carpet, celebrities
  2. Basepath will have translucent blue glow to show viewers where baserunners need to go
  3. To avoid dull, tedious, or awkward moments during broadcast, Fox promises never to point the cameras at Bud Selig
  4. All-Stars will rifle balls into the stands during the new Line Drive Derby
  5. Yankee Stadium to be imploded during seventh inning

Padres Celebrity Pour

  1. July 9, 2008
  2. Locations: East Village Tavern and Basic
  3. All your favorite players + alcohol
  4. 45 minutes after the game
  5. Be there!
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