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Couple of Callix Crabbe Cards

This post is apropos of nothing; it isn't Callix Crabbe's birthday, and he didn't die, make a comeback, get arrested, or anything like that. I just got a couple new-to-me cards of one of my...

Familiar Face in a Different Place: Trevor Hoffman

Because why wouldn't you want to see a picture of a young Trevor Hoffman jumping rope?

A Cool Card I'm Going To Destroy- Uh, Repurpose

The "news" came out about a week and a half ago that Matt Antonelli officially retired. I put "news" in quotes because it wasn't news to anybody who keeps up with Antonelli's blog, where he...

Awesome Card of an Even More Awesome Guy

If Cooper Brannan's name sounds familiar, it's because it was in the news quite a bit when the Padres signed him in the spring of 2007. Brannan wasn't a highly regarded prospect but his story was...

Tony Gwynn Basketball Cards Are A Thing Now

I don't own any basketball cards but that's about to change. I was checking out Cardboard Connection earlier to see what's new on the baseball card front and something caught my eye. Apparently F...

Do You Remember Alex Cole?

If you don't remember Alex Cole, nobody can really blame you. He actually never played a regular season game for the Padres but-- like Harold Reynolds, Mike Scioscia, and Mark Prior after him--...

20 Years Ago Today: The Sheffield - Hoffman Trade

The San Diego fire sale of 1993 was already well under way this day twenty years ago, when new GM Randy Smith sent young superstar Gary Sheffield and reliever Rich Rodriguez to the Marlins for...

A Look Back At Kurt Bevacqua

Not that many fans of the Indians, Royals, Pirates, Brewers, or Rangers remember Kurt Bevacqua, even if they saw him play. But ask any Padres fan. They'll tell you who he is.

5 Jedd Gyorko cards that don't exist (but should)

Last night I was bored so I decided to make a mockup of a 1961 Topps card featuring Jedd Gyorko. Why '61 Topps? Well, for one, it's a classic design. Secondly, and more importantly, it would be...

1 Topps Card For Each Year The Padres Have Existed

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how the Topps base card has evolved since San Diego joined the major leagues in 1969. I went through my collection and picked one Padres card from each year without repeating any players.

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