The Padres call up Brooks Conrad! We totally know that guy!


I got a call this morning and (though unconfirmed by media at the moment), Brooks Conrad has been called up!

Long time readers of the blog will know Brooks as being my brother-in-law and a guy that Jonny Dub and Kev have known since they were in day care (run by Brooks' mom back in the day). Baseball fans will know him either infamously or fondly from his days as an Atlanta Brave and/or Houston Astros minor league star with the Round Rock Express. Followers of the Padres' Minor Leagues will know him as the guy that currently leads the El Paso Chihuahuas in HR and doubles and has been a mainstay this season as an offensive force.

I'm very excited to be able to share this news. It's a special thing whenever a player is able to play for his hometown team and, in Brooks' case, it was a long while coming. I'm especially looking forward to hearing how the call was made. Pat Murphy, the current manager of the El Paso Chihuahuas was also Brooks' college coach at ASU. Even if the story doesn't work out that way, it's gotta be a special thing for Murphy to get to coach a player and then later in life be able to give the message to that same guy that he gets to put on the uniform of his favorite team. That's worth all the feels.

Here's a brief interview that I conducted with Brooks at a recent gathering:

GLB: Hey Brooks. I'm going in to get more food, you want anything?

Conrad: No thanks. I'm good.

GLB: Oh, by the way. I think I saw Jax with a lizard.

Conrad: I know, right? He finds those things everywhere.

And then a brief interview that Brooks' dad conducted with Cameron Maybin while Maybin was rehabbing at AAA

Brooks' Dad: Going back for more food?

Maybin: Yeah. Were you the guys that cooked this stuff up? I'm from North Carolina, so I can say, this is pretty good barbecue.

Brooks' Dad: Oh no. I'm Brooks Conrad's dad. We're out visiting from San Diego.

Maybin: I'll tell you, I think Asheville is the most beautiful place in America, but San Diego is right up there.

If you're at the games this weekend and you see Brooks on the field, be sure to say hello or cheer extra loud. YOU TOTALLY KNOW THAT GUY.

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