MLB Draft fan prep: Helpful links to get you ready for the draft

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Gaslamp Ball and SBNation have everything you need to prepare for the 2014 Draft

With the 2014 Rule 4 Draft kicking off this afternoon, here are some links from around Gaslamp Ball and SBNation to give you everything you need to know going into the draft. Take a look back at Padres draft history, read up on the team's organizational depth, get a better understanding of how the draft works, and peep draft coverage from around the network. Then join us later this afternoon to get your chat on in our upcoming draft day open thread.

Remembering past Padres drafts

Wonko's reviews of recent years' drafts:

Padres Draft History: The barren wasteland of 1996
A look back at the least productive draft in Padres history, which yielded only two eventual major leaguers.

Quiz: Padres Top Draft Picks
Nine minutes to name as many of the Padres' first overall picks since 1969 as you can.

Grant Brisbee's Best Names in Draft History (from 2011)
Power rankings "based on awesome names throughout draft history."

A look at Padres' organizational depth going into the 2014 Draft


Corner infield

Middle infield



Strengths and weaknesses within the farm system

What you need to know going into the draft

First round draft order (via Scott Coleman)
Complete first round draft order, as well as comp picks for free agents.

A primer on competitive balance rounds (via Bryan Kilpatrick)

What are the competitive balance rounds? How does a team qualify for them?

MLB Draft guide: basics, rules, and regulations (via Craig Goldstein)

... the 2014 draft is the first in three years not to add a new wrinkle -- and given that the draft has been in place since 1965, there are some arcane aspects to it that have only been made more confusing by recent alterations. Consider this a non-comprehensive guide to the MLB draft.

Overall MLB Draft coverage

Minor League Ball's MLB Draft / open discussion (via John Sickels)
Morning thoughts by John Sickels, rumor discussion, and live blogging of the draft.

MLB 'Franchise Heroes', as chosen by MLB and SBNation (via Nick Bond)
Each team's MLB-designated "Franchise Heroes," along with the arguably more suitable recommendations by SBN staff.

Consensus 2014 MLB mock draft (via Craig Goldstein)
A consensus based on mock drafts from six different draft "experts"/websites.

MLB Daily Dish mock drafts (via Tyler Drenon)
A few different takes on how the MLB Draft might unfold.

Fake Teams' Top 10 fantasy pitchers (via Spencer Silva)
Rating the top 10 fantasy pitching prospects in the 2014 draft.

MLB Draft invitees (via Bryan Kilpatrick)
A quick look at the seven high school players who will be in attendance for the 2014 MLB Draft.

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