Fun With Hahn, Padres Win 5-0

Jim McIsaac

Not even the Mets can stop the Padres from surprising their fans with a win.

We did it, folks. We won. See you in the playoffs! Everything's fixed. Almost everybody hit today, we capitalized on RISP, young pitching blood dominated an elite lineup. The stars are aligned and we're out of the cellar!

Well, maybe not all that. But fans did get to see a San Diego team playing like we know they can. Nine hits, five runs, zero runs allowed. It was a solid day of baseball for the Friar faithful.

It all started in the top of the first with a Seth Smith single and a Chase Headley walk. Yonder Alonso followed up beautifully with an RBI-double, and then a succeeding wild pitch would plate our second run. Now if you've been keeping up with our games lately, you would be tuning out immediately after that second run crossed the plate. Scoring early has been a death wish for us the past 5 games. But not today.

A cute Yonder dubble puts the Padres on the board.

In comes Jesse Hahn. The Connecticut-born righty who previously threw for barely 3 innings against Pittsburgh, getting lit up for 4 earned runs, gave up a big fat goose egg today. Hahn was hitting every single spot he wanted to, and his curve was completely on point. Couple that with his first ever major league hit and you've got a perfect day of baseball for the 24 year-old.

Hahn bloops one for a bloopy RBI. Such disrespect.

Chase Headley made sure of that, too. Tacking on three more runs including a solo HR in the eighth, our Padres really let loose and saved a lot of fans from causing serious property damage after a five straight games of dumpster fires.

Chase bounces one off the billboard in right-center for a sure-fire HR.

Andrew Cashner, despite being wrapped up in yesterday's shutout, had some fun with Hahn's first hit.

A good, good day. But have attitudes towards the team changed? Does seeing a productive shutout against a known "weak" team help erase the terrible memories of this entire past week? Let me know. It helped me a lot. And tomorrow we'll get to see Ian Kennedy try to send a won series home for the boys.

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Folks showed up despite discouraging loss patterns, and TheThinGwynn is back to collecting rec's with 2 today.

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