San Diego Swept In Philly, 3-7

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres have tried to stop reaching all-time lows for the 2014 season; but Philadelphia wasn't looking to help.

Another day, another game. Another production below three runs, and another loss. Eight hits and an early two-run lead, clamped down by a persistent Phillies offense. Again, there's nowhere to go but up. I'm upset, you're upset, and management is saying "out loud" that they're upset.

So where's the good stuff. Well, starting off the rainy game today in the top of the first; Chase Headley knocked in two runs with an RBI double, Headley's seventh double of the season. I'm not sure if that number is "good stuff", but it's something. Yasmani Grandal popped a late solo HR in the ninth, and he's got six on the season so far.

Yasmani shows that even scoring a run is awkward and confusing.
Just listen to the call from Enberg.

Where some Padres stepped up, the rest faltered. Eric Stults gave up 4 runs in 5 innings, and a relieving Alex Torres gave up 3 in just one inning. That combination stuffed the Padres into a dust pan for a damp, miserable sweep.

"I've been in this game 35 years. I've seen it a lot. It'll turn around. When you go through it, it's tough. It'll turn around." -Bud "Buddy 'The Bud' Man" Black

That puts us tied for last in the NL West with a bunch of snakes. It's a cruddy spot to be. It's not an unfamiliar spot, but it's definitely not somewhere most of us expected to be with a team with a few above average projections and honest talent on the field.

But we'll pack our bags, hit the road, and try again in New York. Because that's baseball.

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GLB'ers showed up today. Darklighter and jodes tied for recs, but we all know who the real leader was today.

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