Position Players Who Have Pitched in the Last 15 Years


During today's Padres Social Hour, Jesse Agler mentioned Texas first baseman, Mitch Moreland, pitching Tuesday night in Colorado. Jesse and Bill Center both thought that Coors Field had a "decent amount" of the games in which position players had pitched.

It seemed like a logical theory, so I checked it out. Surprisingly, Colorado has only hosted 6 of the 105 times that a position player has pitched since 1999. San Diego has hosted 4 games in which a position player has pitched with the most recent time being in 2009 when Josh Wilson pitched against the D'Backs. Interestingly enough, Wilson also pitched for the D'backs that year. Since 1999, Fenway Park has hosted the most games pitched by position players with 12 games.

I would be interested to read you opinions on why Fenway Park has seen the most of this somewhat unusual occurrence.

Below is a table I put together off all the position players who have pitched in the last 15 years.

Player year team visitor home
mitch moreland 2014 tex tex col
dean anna 2014 ny ny tb
drew butera 2012 min min mil
mike carp 2014 bos ny bos
mike cuddyer 2011 min min tex
chris davis 2012 bal bal bos
sam fuld 2013 tb tb laa
leury garcia 2014 chw bos chw
craig gentry 2012 tex tex oak
josh harrison 2013 pit pit col
don kelly 2011 det nym det
martin maldonado 2014 mil mil stl
jeff mathis 2012 tor tor tex
jeff mathis 2012 tor oak tor
john mcdonald 2013 phil ari phi
david murphy 2013 tex tex bos
ryan raburn 2013 cle det cle
anthony recker 2013 nym was nym
cody ross 2009 fla phi fla
skip schumacher 2011 stl lad stl
skip schumacher 2013 lad col lad
skip schumacher 2013 lad phi lad
nick swisher 2009 nyy nyy tb
josh wilson 2007 tb tb mia
josh wilson 2009 ari cin ari
josh wilson 2009 sd ari sd
brian bogusevic 2009 hou stl hou
jamey carrol 2013 min min kc
jake elmore 2013 hou hou tex
alberto gonzalez 2013 nyy sea nyy
nick green 2009 bos chw bos
paul janish 2009 cin mil cin
paul janish 2009 cin cin phi
rob johnson 2013 lad stl lad
rob johnson 2012 nym nym tor
darnell mcdonald 2012 bos bal bos
darnell mcdonald 2011 bos oak bos
casper wells 2013 chw cle chw
casper wells 2013 phil ari phi
dewayne wise 2004 atl hou atl
dewayne wise 2008 chw tb chw
sean burroughs 2005 sd sd col
bill hall 2010 bos kc bos
mitch maier 2012 kc cle kc
mitch maier 2011 kc kc bos
joe mather 2012 chc mil chc
joe mather 2010 stl nym stl
mike mcoy 2011 tor bos tor
brian petersen 2011 fla sd fla
wilson valdez 2011 phi cin phi
dusty brown 2009 bos tor bos
ross gload 2009 mia tb mia
joe inglett 2010 mil cin mil
felipe lopez 2010 stl nym stl
aaron miles 2010 stl hou stl
aaron miles 2010 stl pit stl
aaron miles 2007 stl stl was
aaron miles 2007 stl hou stl
aaron miles 2008 stl phi stl
jamie burke 2008 sea det sea
kevin cash 2010 hou hou cin
andy marte 2010 cle nyy cle
augie ojeda 2007 ari ari mia
jonathan van every 2010 bos nyy bos
jonathan van every 2009 bos bos tb
mark loretta 2009 lad lad stl
mark loretta 2001 mil mil cin
tony pena 2008 kc det kc
abrham nunez 2004 pit chc pit
tomas perez 2002 phi phi hou
jason wood 2007 mia atl mia
jeff cirillo 2007 ari mil ari
steve finley 2001 ari sf ari
d'angelo jimenez 2002 sd sd kc
john mabry 2001 mia mia atl
john mabry 2000 sea sea tb
desi relaford 2001 nym sd nym
scott spezio 2007 stl stl oak
wiki gonzalez 2003 sd atl sd
tim laker 2001 cle cle chw
tim laker 2004 cle kc cle
trent durington 2004 mil mil cle
dave mccarty 2004 bos tor bos
dave mccarty 2004 bos lad bos
dave mccarty 2004 bos bos bal
frank menechino 2000 oak oak col
frank menechino 2004 tor nyy tor
keith osik 1999 pit pit hou
keith osik 2000 pit stl pit
shane halter 2000 det min det
brent mayne 2000 col atl col
cody mckay 2004 stl mil stl
robin ventura 2004 lad laa lad
todd zeile 2004 nym nym mon
todd zeile 2002 col lad col
matt franco 1999 nym atl nym
matt franco 1999 nym lad nym
mark grace 2002 ari lad ari
chris donnels 2001 lad lad chc
derek bell 2000 nym nym sd
tim bogar 2000 hou hou sd
tim bogar 2000 hou sf hou
bobby bonilla 2001 stl ari stl
scott sheldon 2000 tex tex chw
ed giovanola 1999 sd sd phi

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