Tale of a Ball or Don't Be a Pain


I am in need of some GLBs advice on maybe a touchy subject of Guest Services and when are you just being a casual, respectful fan or being a pain in the arse, needy, putz.

First some background for the jury. I'm a nine year, four seat, 20 game "member" STH out in right field with the crazies, hence the name, Section 135. We have moved a bit and now seat out in 129, just off the porch. I know my place in the ranks of SHT, which is just above the nacho cheese residue on the concourse, but hey, I'd expect a bit of mild ass kissing outside of renewal time.

Let's move the story along to Opening Night versus the Dodgers. Ryu has the Padres in hand thru the 8th and Mattingly puts in Brian Wilson. Seth Smith makes his debut as a Padre and pitch-hits a game tying home run. My friends and I are out in our usual stop in 129 and here it comes and I didn't bring my glove. As it comes flying in, I think we have no chance as it's two rows in front of us. Well, no one in front of us has their glove either and ball clanks off the back of the seats and bounces right into our feet. My friend picks up the ball and it is ours! First time ever in nine years of going that we have a HR ball. And not just any ball, but it's Smith's first hit as a Padre and an Opening Day ball and is stamped as that.

Most of you I'm sure know Franklin, the long time usher out in right. He's the Quick Out out poster. He comes over, first to check that everyone is OK, and then states "They are going to want the ball" and my friends and I discuss and think, cool, it's an important ball to Smith for sure and we aren't a-holes. I talk to Franklin a bit and discuss what's usually good compensation, and we figure get a Smith signed, in game ball from that night, and we are cool with that. Elite guard comes over and he is on his earpiece, and yes, they want the ball. He takes our contact info and the ball. Bye Felicia!

We are back next day for Opening Day, and no word. Next home stand we are there twice, nothing. I talk to Franklin and say "I'm not that guy, but hey, we could have told Smith to pound sand and been happier for it." He finds the Eilte guy and and he says he got the ball to Guest Services and haven't heard anything since.

I get a little steamed. WTF! At least say thanks. I email my ticket rep, and he verifies, that yes, the ball was received. OK. IS Guest Services going to contact us? He will expedite this for us. That was April 18...

So the jury, I leave it to you.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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