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Chase Headley is playing baseball like his puppy just died. Look on the bright side, at least we didn't sign him to that extension.

Signing a 27 year old Cuban pitcher to a minor league deal is not exactly what the fans are looking for in the Padres exploring the international market. Hey, at least it's not Walter Silva.

We are last in MLB in team batting right now, with a team slash line of .192/.263/.264. That's a team OPS 0.96 below Alexei Amarista's career OPS.

I still am a big believer in this team, this manager, this GM. The Padres clearly do have some problems playing under pressure though. They need to get very loose, embrace some sort of Taoist Baseball Zen, and start playing without a care in the world. Cause they clearly are pressing, and excelling under pressure is an absolute must for any baseball team.

Hacksaw is the main personality on the Padres pre-game show now. THAT's how out of touch The Mighty 1090's leadership is with Padres fans. It's sad, cause last year's pre & post game shows were really well done. Hacksaw desperately needs to retire.

This PA announcer gimmick continues to be a complete embarrassment. I'm refusing to participate with this vote. Having the fans vote out of 30 finalists is just absurd. Sometimes in life you've got to publicly admit that you were wrong and move on. This is exactly what the Padres should be doing here. Admit that you were wrong. Offer Frank Anthony his job back, and Move On. No reason to dig yourself deeper into embarrassment.

And getting fans involved with decision making is a great concept. Just do it with something that makes more sense. I would LOVE to see the fans actually getting involved with choosing our new uniforms. And I would especially respect the Padres ownership if it was done in a non-manipulative way.

I don't quite understand why our O'Malley minority owners decided to leave themselves out of our media guide. But this embarrassment is on them, not the Padres. Especially in this era of unprecedented Dodgers excess, this omission makes them look really bad.

I'm loving the new Padres Social Hour, and I think Jesse Agler is doing a great job. We all know the San Diego media doesn't produce a ton of coverage on the Padres. Having things like this pre-game show and Bob Scanlon's great blog posts help to make up for what's lacking in the UT & Mighty 1090.

My distaste for Mike Pomeranz is well documented. I really don't think Enberg does a great job either, but at least he brings the best out of Mark Grant. That in itself makes up for his constant talk of where players went to college. Pomeranz enunciates like Troy McClure, and I'm not even exaggerating here. He doesn't have many interesting things to say. His cheesy jokes are the worst of the worst. And he's not a very sharp guy, rambling on about the door coming off the hinges & other nonsense that just makes me cringe. Bottom line, this guy better not be our play-by-play announcer in 2015 & beyond.

On a similar note. I know this isn't gonna happen, but I would love for Fox Sports to choose their female sideline reporters based on their talents & not their looks. The new blond girl working the game last night was an airhead and a half. And Fox Sports San Diego's website is so poorly designed, I can't even find her name.

It seems pretty clear to me that Andrew Cashner is slowly turning into a Baseball Star. A star with a strong personality is something the Pads have been lacking since Jake Peavy. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I'm very optimistic about Cashner becoming the star player the Padres so desperately need.

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