Friar Friday Merch #54

Today I bring you a 2011 Padres wall calendar. Besides some odd choices for players to be featured (we'll get to that), it's a really great calendar with stats and trivia. It is produced by Turner Licensing.


The first page gives us some team and MLB statistics (Padres Career Leaders, MLB All-Time Records, MLB MVP Awards, World Series Results, and World Series Composite Standings). They also have a page showing the calendars for the final 4 months of 2010.



January gives us Adrian Gonzalez. Gonzalez was traded to the Red Sox on December 6, 2010, so it's understandable how he got included in a 2011 calendar. You'll notice I have left some post-it notes on for posterity. And before anypony says anything, to me, a traitor is anyone who isn't doing everything in their power to return playing for the greatest city on Earth.

On various dates there are little trivia facts. Additionally, there is a trivia question at the bottom of the calendar for each month.


Heath Bell is our featured player for February. Bell stayed with the Padres through the 2011 season and signed with the Marlins in the Winter.


March is David Eckstein's month. Eckstein was granted free agency at the end of the 2010 season and never played again. I suppose he is a traitor for not signing with the Padres for the major league minimum? I don't know what I was thinking. I love the guy. Odd choice to use a free agent for the calendar though.


Kevin Correia is the April player of the month. Same situation as Eckstein, as Correia got free agency at the end of the 2010 season. Correia signed with the Pirates that Winter.


Blankszilla is the player for May. Kyle Blanks played 33 games in 2010 and 55 games in 2011. He is currently in AAA El Paso this year batting .286 with 6 home runs.


June is Nick Hundley's month.


Bud Black is featured for July. I hate this guy.


August belongs to Chris Young. Young is another one of those guys who got free agency at the end of the 2010 season. He signed with the Mets in January 2011.


September was assigned to Anthony Gwynn, Jr. At least they included the "Jr." onto his name. Better yet, they should have listed him as "Tony Two Hundred". He's yet another player who was granted free agency after the 2010 season. Anyways, I strongly dislike this guy. I love his father, but I strongly dislike this guy.


October is the Mat Latos month. Latos was traded two months after his October feature.


The month of November stars Chase Headley.


Everth Cabrera is featured for December.


Here's some examples of the trivia facts and trivia questions:



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