Q&A with Jedd Gyorko

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After today's exciting news about the Padres signing him to a $35M five-year extension, the West Virginia native Jedd Gyorko took some time to answer questions from fans via Twitter and on Monday's Padres Social Hour. His vocal enthusiasm towards the Padres fanbase and contribution to the team identity is something to appreciate, but his performance in 2013 speaks for itself.

Gyorko led our Padres in his 2013 rookie season in both HR's (23) and RBI's (63), becoming the first rookie second baseman to lead his team in RBI's and only the third rookie 2B to hit at least 23 homeruns in a season. He also led the MLB's rookies in 2013 with his 23 homeruns, 49 extra-base hits, 216 total bases, .310 OBP, .444 slugging percentage, and .745 OPS.



Gyorko: Not at all. It doesn't change anything as far as on the baseball field. Our goal is to win games and win championships. I think that was one of the keys as to why I wanted to stay here; to get the organization to win some championships

Gyorko: Everything. Obviously the weather's not too bad out here, so I can get used to that. But obviously the fans; the way they treated Carly and myself when we came out here. Its always been a family environment. They love us out here, and likewise we love being out here. The organization, it's top notch. You've got Buddy - starting from the top: you got Ron Fowler, Josh Byrnes, the ownership, the front office. Then down through Buddy; the coaches, my teammates. It's a perfect situation for me, and it's somewhere that we wanna be.

Gyorko: The buildings are a little bit higher, and there's a little bit more people walking around. But you know, it's that same family-oriented mind and goal. Obviously she'll know, being from Morgantown; the buildings are a bigger [here], the sun shines a little bit warmer. But other than that, they're very alike.

Gyorko: I was always a big Jason Kendall fan, we were about an hour and fifteen minutes from Pittsburgh. It's kinda cool that he also played out here in San Diego. He was always someone I liked to watch, I liked the way he played the game. He just kinda grinded it out all the time, and that's something you can learn a lot from.

Gyorko: The transition has gone pretty well. I've played 2B for a year in college, so it wasn't completely foreign to me. I don't really have a preference. That's a decision for Buddy to make, so whatever he thinks is necessary; that's what I'll be.

Gyorko: Camo. It's not even close.



We can all agree we're very excited to see Gyorko represent in that unique San Diego camouflage and run the #GyorkStore. Here's hoping we can lock down another young talented Friar who has an affinity for camouflage.

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