Trip Report - Spring Training 2014

This obviously won't be as grand as last year's trip, but I still had a really good time. Since Gaslamp Ball is now a food blog, I'll spend most of my time talking about what I had to eat.

We left bright and early on Friday morning at 6am. But of course we couldn't leave without having breakfast - the most important meal of the day. You can take the boy out of breakfasttown, but you can't take breakfasttown out of the boy. My friend picked up some Pink Box Doughnuts the night before. I had a chunks of strawberry and whipped creme thing as well as a normal chocolate doughnut. A nice sugar high for the 5 hour drive.

For lunch we got some Chick-Fil-A in Peoria. Las Vegas doesn't have Chick-Fil-A so it's always a treat. I wonder if the lack of presence in Vegas is part of the religious thing or if it's some other reason. Anyways, I get the regular spicy sandwich combo and add cheese. The deluxe sandwich has cheese, but costs a lot more. I don't really crave the tomato and lettuce that comes with the deluxe anyways. The parking lot was a mess. Crowded. They had a parking lot nazi watching everyone to make sure nobody parked and walked over to the game.

At the game I took a quick snapshot of the Coleman star. Scanlan's hair also managed to find it's way into the picture.


Speaking of media, Pomeranz and Sweeney were there doing some pre-game stuff.


Beautiful day at the park.


And I even ended up on TV.


Dinner was at Texas Roadhouse. Another chain that Las Vegas is lacking. I had Chicken Fried Steak. I love the rolls here. If it wasn't for the rolls, this place wouldn't be anything special.

After dinner I went and saw the Veronica Mars movie. It was good. My friend who had not seen the show enjoyed it. Lots of little fun cameos and whatnot for fans of the show though. While waiting for the movie to start I adopted this little pony from a toy shop.


On Saturday morning we got breakfast at Denny's. I love Denny's. Does that hurt my breakfasttown cred? I got the moons over my hammy sandwich and all you can eat pancakes (I only ate 5 of them).

After breakfast we went down to Glendale. Watched the Dodgers practice a bit. Their ballpark is nice, but the food options are lacking. I settled on a piece of pepperoni pizza. It was...."meh".


For dinner we tried out Tortas Paquime. I got some flautas. It was alright. Nothing special.

We caught a Dodgers / White Sox game back in Glendale after dinner. There was some guy with gelled up hair and jeggings in front of us. Chicks started coming up and taking pictures with him. I figure he must have been in a boy band or something. His girlfriend was pretty hot.


After the game I was still a little hungry so I got some Taco Bell. It's a shame the five layer burrito isn't 89 cents like when it debuted.

The next morning we got some breakfast at Cracker Barrel - yes, another chain that Las Vegas is missing out on. I had some chicken fried steak, eggs, and biscuits and gravy.

After breakfast we watched some Padres practice.

Randy Jones




The clubhouse renovations look nice.


I had some funnel cake before the game. So good. Josh Byrnes was a few rows in front of us. At one point he caught a foul ball. Josh was a good guy and handed it to a kid.



The game went extra innings and we needed to get home so dinner was simply some snacks at the Quik Trip gas station.

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