The Friar's Hat Stash Returns! #6

Hey everyone! Welcome to the return of the Friar's Hat Stash!

If you're checking this out for the first time, the Friar's Hat Stash is an in-depth look at everyone's favorite piece of baseball related wardrobe: the baseball cap.

With the season long completed and spring training coming around the bend, most of our Padres excitement comes in the form of offseason transactions. I'm definitely excited for the upcoming season with some fresh faces in Padres navy and white.

If you asked me what my favorite colors of Padres past were, however, I wouldn't hesitate to tell you about the Padres I enjoyed watching in my formative years: the Padres that wore navy, orange and white. The days of the Gwynn, Hoffman, Caminiti, Vaughn, Klesko...seeing the old colors brings me back to the bygone days of dominant Padres baseball.

Don't get me wrong; I'm aboard the "Bring Back The Brown" campaign. Honestly, almost anything else would be better than what we currently use as team colors. If I was given the choice, however...we'd be back to the navy/orange/white combo, and back to snubbing our nose at San Francisco as the other team in the NL West with orange as a team color.




This is the standard Padres cap of (most of) the 90s. This 100% wool cap is part of the Cooperstown collection. It is the standard Padres navy, with the white and orange interlocking SD. The MLB logo is orange and white, and the underbrim and sweatband are vintage green and white, respectively. The hat pictured here is a direct throwback to the Padres of old. This colorway of Padres cap has been reissued as a Turn Back The Clock variation (for the 15th anniversary of the NL pennant winning '98 team) with the notable inclusion of a black underbrim and sweatband.

Green was the de facto color for cap underbrims throughout the 90s. The reasoning may be due to the green grass of the baseball field; the green color may have been implemented to help absorb incoming light from the field into the player's eyes. Green has long since been replaced by black in official on-field caps, with black presumably being more capable of light absorption. Green is still common in fashion caps, providing a vintage throwback feel to any cap. White sweatbands have also disappeared from on-field caps, but still provide a vintage look in many fashion caps.

Of course, it wouldn't be a true Friar's Hat Stash without some variations, would it?




This Padres cap offers the same look as the previous cap with a fresh orange bill. The differences lie in the button, bill, MLB logo (a white border helps define the logo) and fashion standard gray underbill and black sweatband. This particular variation is 86% wool, 14% polyester. This particular cap also resides in the Cooperstown collection.

I don't believe the Padres ever employed a cap with an offsetting bill color during the 90s. They should have, with how clean this particular colorway looks. This particular cap sees a good amount of action in my rotation, due to how sharp it pairs with a white shirt and blue jeans.





Here's a vintage Padres throwback with a nod to even further back into Padres history. This 100% wool cap is complete in the standard Padres navy, orange and white, with a standard MLB logo and fashion staple gray underbrim and vintage white sweatband.

The obvious details set this cap apart, in the vintage interlocking SD logo with the 90s colors and large patch on the right side of the cap. The logo commemorates the 1992 All Star Game played at the Murph, with multiple past, (then) present, and future Padres making the starting lineup of both teams. Can you name those Padres?

Personally, the old school interlocking SD done in white and orange just emanates vintage/more vintage cool. This cap is more for special occasions and games, and it will see action in the upcoming season when I road-trip it to Petco (hopefully for a throwback night!). Now I just need to find an old-school pinstripe jersey...




Here's a fresh take on the navy, orange and white. This 80% wool, 20% polyester cap is navy, with a gray brim. The minor detail in the brim is navy stitching, which is where this series of cap gets its name (The G-Stitch collection). Gray also resides on the button and eyelet details. The interlocking SD is inverted, with orange and white trading letters. Orange also appears as the New Era flag and as a border around the MLB logo. The underbrim is a contrasting navy, and is paired with a black sweatband.

This play on the old colors is one of my favorites, and this cap sees regular wear in my rotation. Most of the caps appearing in this episode are part of the Cooperstown collection, probably due to the usage of the older colors. This cap pairs incredibly well with a gray v-neck shirt and blue jeans, and is a great modern fashion cap even with the callback to the earlier colorway of our Padres.





This relatively newer tribute to the Padres older colors is a 100% polyester gray cap with orange bill, New Era flag, and border around the MLB logo. The interlocking SD are done in navy and orange, as is the patch on the right side of the cap. The patch includes the older Padres cap* done up in navy and orange, with the '78 Padres lettering motif. The MLB logo is in the standard coloration, and the underbrim and sweatband are vintage colors.

I have actually seen this cap around, and for good reason; it's simply a cool cap. Gray and orange match well together, while navy takes the backseat as an accent color. A green underbrim always provides a visual pop, and this cap works well on the streets and at the game.

* I would spend a small ransom to have a cap made up to look exactly like that.




The last cap to appear on this episode throws some visual flair in the form of orange piping along the panel stitching. Along with an orange brim, orange also appears as a border around the MLB logo and in the New Era flag. The interlocking SD letters swap colors for visual flair, and a gray underbrim and black sweatband finish this 85% wool 15% polyester cap.

The most obvious visual draw to this cap is the orange piping that crosses the crown of the cap. This is the only cap I own that has this particular attribute, and the piping really makes this cap stand out in my collection and while being worn. I don't wear this cap as much as I probably should, and getting it out for this episode of the Stash has me resolved to wear it a bit more often.


Thanks for reading the comeback of the Friar's Hat Stash! It might take me an issue or two to work the kinks out and get back in the swing of things, but do expect many more episodes much sooner! Here's what's on deck for next time:

- So you thought this was the only navy/orange/white episode? Wait until next time for part 2 of my favorite Padres colors!

-Do truly expect some tips and tricks for hat stretching and shrinking. We'll finally touch on the subject next episode!

As always, I look forward to reading and participating in the comments!

One last thing I thought I would share with you guys:


I received this alongside a signed Randy Jones picture from my aunt some time ago. With the Colonel's passing, I just had to find this and share it. Rest well, Jerry.

Until next time! Cheers!

- Tim (The SD Hat Guy)

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