Couple of Callix Crabbe Cards

This post is apropos of nothing; it isn't Callix Crabbe's birthday, and he didn't die, make a comeback, get arrested, or anything like that. I just got a couple new-to-me cards of one of my all-time favorite Friars and wanted to show them off. Of course, the audiences that are interested in baseball cards or Callix Crabbe are pretty small, so I tried to give this as straightforward of a title as possible so that people who care about neither of those things won't get "tricked" into reading this and demand a refund of their time.

The first is a 2008 Topps Chrome Certified Autographed card. I got it a few weeks ago in the virtual bargain bin of an online dealer for $2. Two bucks! You can't even get an energy drink for that. Or at least not a good one. Here's the back:

I wish I had a cool, flowery name that meant something. Instead I got stuck with "Joe". What the hell is that garbage? All that means is I had bland, unimaginative parents. That does it, I'm changing my name to "Stem".

Tangents about names now a thing of the past, on to the second card. It found its way into my mailbox a few days later, thanks to Marcus of All The Way To The Backstop, a Padres-centric card blog. As I mentioned before when he sent me my first Callix Crabbe card, he and I are frequent trade partners, although we never really trade. We know what the other one likes, and send one another random, unannounced envelopes every now and then. As a matter of fact, I have a few cool things I've accrued for him that I keep procrastinating on getting in the mail.

These two cards bring my Callix Crabbe collection to a grand total of three cards. There are still a few other cards of him out there, parallels and whatnot, but I'm in no hurry. I mean, if I get hit by a bus next month, my final regret will not be that I only had three Callix Crabbe cards.

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