Blogger Night: A Quick Recap

Last night was the Padres First Blogger night.  Jbox plans on doing a mini series on the event.  I, however have the following quick recap...

Yesterday afternoon Jbox and I, along with five other dudes you need not worry about, gathered outside Petco park for some VIP blogging treatment. Once we were all assembled Sugar from the front office took us down to the field where batting practice had already started.

The seven of us were put into a holding area on the warning track while the real media interviewed Buddy Black.  I'm not sure if they were just trying to weed us out, but our waiting area kept us in the blistering sun with nowhere to hide.  After some time Bud came over and to my surprise all of us were still alive.


Bud Black was great, he made us all feel real comfortable and took everybody's questions and just went with them.  What stood out to me was his take on the mental state of the team.  Let's face it, the last few weeks have been rough.  Buddy's observations were that the team took it pretty hard when Cabrera was suspended and Quentin went on the DL.  It took a series or so for the team to regroup and get back into a better frame of mind.

Just as Bud Black was finishing up with us the sun finally dipped behind the stands.  Of course this meant we forced by Padre employees to move further down the first baseline where we would have the opportunity to talk to more players and of course soak up more sun.

Among others Cashner stopped by for a very candid talk.  My favorite part was his take on social media and how he can't stand it.  He doesn't get it, his agent wants him to start using twitter but he refuses.  I loved his answers especially considering who he was talking to.  Cash feels if it's his day off and he can be reached by phone he is doing something wrong.  Of course I had to ask him about the duck calling.  Cashner loves the duck callers and hopes more fans will embrace this brilliant movement.  He really apprieciates it and it makes pitching at home that much better.

With the Padres wrapping up batting practice it was time for us to head up stairs to our suite where more surprises were in store.  First up was Scan Man.  Scan went on and on about Pitchers' focus and how Edinson Volquez could learn a thing or two from watching "For Love of the Game".

Scan then moved on to the the big Instant Replay debate that everyone is talking about.  Obviously from following Scan on twitter and  listening to him on the radio he is NOT for it.  Big time not for it.  I don't want to go off on a huge tangent here but I for one love the idea of Instant Replay.  I love it to the the point where I feel they should put sensors in the bases, use tennis technology for the foul lines and replace the umpires with robots.  If MLB takes these steps not only will the game never be decided by a bad call again, the game will be sped up as well.

Next we were graced with the presence of Josh Byrnes.  He talked about trades and about this and about that.  He brought up some "Mega Trade" he had in the works at the beginning of the season that never worked out.  We all tried to pry it out of him, but no such luck.  I insisted that this is how he would gain our trust, but he is way too smart for that.  Josh also talked about expectations for next year.  He even shared his predictions of how the 2014 season will play out.  I'm gonna keep that conversation under lock for the next 13 months and see just how good he really is.

Towards the end of the night our good buddy Harrison stopped by to show off the upcoming giveaways.   Some pretty kind stuff is on it's way.  I like the grociery bags best, but I couldn't resist putting on the the luchadore mask.  That's me trying to get Harrison in a headlock... Go Hooters!


If it weren't from that damn sun I would have probably remembered more.  Regardless it was a great time.

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