The Friar's Hat Stash #5

It's been a good long while, but it's a great time for another episode The Friar's Hat Stash! Welcome back to the series that takes an in depth look at everyone's favorite piece of baseball-related wardrobe.

I'd like to begin the article with a sincere apology to my followers. To be honest, I didn't intend to take this long between episodes. Work has taken a stranglehold of most of my time, and my off hours have been swallowed up by other pursuits. I'm definitely happy to be back in the saddle for another episode, so let's dive in.

In the last issue, we took a look at Padres caps in other team's colorways. This issue is focused on purely flash and pop: the colorful and bright caps. When you really want to make a statement, a cap that pops with color can definitely add an exclamation point to your outfit. You can easily stand out from the crowd donning a cap of striking color. With the resurgence of neon and bright colors in today's modern wardrobe, you can easily incorporate a flashy cap into your look without fear of sticking out (in a bad way, anyway). Of course, where you frequent (and the associating ambiance) could make a vibrant cap jarring. Your mileage may vary.




I'll start off this article with a favorite of my collection. This 100% wool Padres cap is red with a striking blue bill and button. The interlocking SD is white, along with the New Era flag on the side.

The New Era flag makes its first appearance in the blog, and I haven't included it yet due to the fact that the caps preceding this episode generally did not possess a visually interesting New Era flag logo. More often than not, the New Era flag located on the right side (left while wearing) of the cap is either the solid color of the crown of the cap, or the color of the logo. You'll see it appear on all succeeding episodes for the sake of full disclosure.

The MLB logo in the back is red, white and blue ('Merica), and the underbill is the popular gray color. A black sweatband rounds out the cap. This cap is a particular favorite of mine merely due to the colors inherent: the blue bill pops wonderfully in conjunction with the red crown and gray underbill. Paired with a clean white t-shirt and blue jeans, this cap completes a clean, unassuming look. This cap can also vaguely pass as a Texas Rangers colorway, even though Texas never had a cap with this color combination.




Up next is an obvious choice for St. Patty's. This kelly green Padres cap is, well, all green. White makes its appearance as the SD logo, New Era flag logo, and MLB logo. Black is used for the sweatband on this 100% wool cap that is strikingly and unabashedly green. I'm actually surprised that no MLB team actively uses kelly green as a primary color. I'm either oblivious to the reasoning (green fields?) or green itself is just reserved for St. Patty's day games (I'm looking at you, Boston). Oakland uses a darker shade of green, but it doesn't pop in comparison to this particular green.

This cap is indeed part of the C-Dub collection mentioned in the last issue. For a quick reiteration, the C-Dub series is a series of caps made mainly in different colors, such as red, blue, green, gray, black...we'll take a look at the C-Dub collection in a future issue, though you'll see many caps in the C-Dub line make appearances in other issues down the pipeline.

This cap does see some play in my rotation, though I tend to not pair it with a green shirt. Green (especially kelly green) is an eye-catching color, and pairing this cap with a similar shirt tends to overload your overall look on one color. On any other day than the most obvious day, this cap looks great with a white or black t-shirt, perhaps with a green graphic as an accent. You can always take the sneaker approach and pair this cap with a set of slick green shoes for a modern-street fashionable look.

*If anyone can prove me wrong or possibly point me towards a time where kelly green was used as a primary color, I'd love to know about it - Tim




Neon makes a rare appearance in this next Padres cap as the bill, SD logo, button, and MLB logo get a splash of yellow-green neon. The crown of the cap is black, along with the New Era flag. White only exists on the MLB logo. The underbill is gray, and the sweatband of this 86% wool 14% polyester (weird numbers, huh) is black.

Because of its neon look, this cap sees action mainly in party situations. For a cap that possesses neon colors, however, I find that it doesn't pop as much as caps further down the page. This is mainly due to the black crown, which keeps the vibe of the cap toned down a few notches. Still, this particular cap pairs well with a black ensemble. Utilizing black while wearing this cap helps accentuate the neon more, and makes neon the visual focus without being visually overwhelming.





Next on deck is another favorite of mine. This cap is sky blue, with a black brim, SD logo, and button. A white border surrounds the SD logo, and makes up most of the MLB and New Era flag logos. The underbrim is gray and paired with a black sweatband. Visually striking colors must lead to odd numbers in fabrics (86% wool, 14% polyester).

When I picked up this cap, I already had a shirt in mind to pair this cap with. A lot of my cap and clothing purchases tend to correlate to whether I have a particular cap or shirt color. It's also easy to pair this cap, like many colorful caps, with a neutral color shirt (like black). I particularly like the sky blue color, and find it rather refreshing to look at.





At first glance, this cap looks similar in color to the one previous. However, this cap is more of a teal/aqua color. The second color is indeed purple, and appears as the bill, SD logo, button, and part of the MLB logo. Along with making up most of the MLB logo as per usual, white also accents the purple SD logo much the same as it did in the cap previous. The underbill is the popular gray color and the sweatband is the usual black. The cap's fabric makeup is also in unusual numbers (86% wool, 14% polyester).

While teal and purple are definitely visually interesting together, I actually enjoy wearing this particular cap for sentimental reasons. Believe it or not, this particular colorway was the colorway of the elementary school I attended as a child. Outside of that, purple and teal generally do not exist as options in most people's wardrobes. The unusual pairing makes this cap an oddity, to be sure. Still, this cap can be worn much the same as any other cap in this issue, though you'll have to take a little more discretion in your outfit choice to compliment this cap.




The coup de grace of the episode! This particular Padres cap is unabashedly neon green. The neon color takes up most of the cap, with black accenting as the interlocking SD, New Era, and MLB logos. Gray makes an interesting contrast color as the underbill, and the usual black sweatband appears as well. Polyester is the sole fabric in this bright cap.

This cap is bold merely for the color choice: if your monitor doesn't display it, this cap is neon like no one's business. Perfect for parties and for making a visual statement, this cap makes your presence and fandom known quickly as an exclamation point to any outfit. The gray underbill works rather well as an accent color, and does help to open up your style options. You'd have to be a rather bold person to make this cap a choice for anything other than a festive occasion. This particular neon green cap has served me well at many a black-light bowling night and social gathering where visual flair is a must.





We'll wrap up this issue with a visually interesting take on an old classic colorway: Padres navy, orange and white. Orange takes center stage as the crown and accent border of the MLB logo in this cap. Navy serves as the bill color, half of the color-inverted SD logo, and New Era and MLB logos. As per usual with the MLB logo, white also appears as the second half of the interlocking SD. A gray underbrim and black sweatband complete a visually interesting cap that utilizes colors from the Padres' past. The crown of this cap is 100% polyester; the bill is 100% wool.

Growing up in the 90s, I am a massive fan of the Padres navy, white and orange colorway. This cap fits the bill both as a visually striking cap and a call back to the days of the Gwynn. Color-wise, it's better to play it safe with this particular cap. A navy or white shirt works very well with this cap, as orange tends to be visually overwhelming if worn as both a cap and shirt color. Of course, these rules fly out the window if you're attending a game (especially a throwback night)! This is a cap I wear with a particular sense of pride and nostalgia.

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of The Friar's Hat Stash! I promise you the next issue will come much sooner. Stay tuned next time for:

- Did I mention I was a fan of the 90's Padres colors? Let me show you proof in cap form!
- I know it was promised in this issue, but stay tuned for some tips on cap stretching, shrinking, and more!

Thanks for reading! As always, I look forward to participating with my fellow fans in the comments.

Until next time! Cheers!

- Tim (The SD Hat Guy)

In case you missed it (or you'd like to catch up) - TFHS #4 - TFHS #3 - TFHS #2 - TFHS #1

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