Is it time to blow this thing apart and see if some of the fringe guys are going to sink or swim?


The last 20 games have been awful and have basically ripped away any hope the Padres had for contending for a playoff spot this season. So I ask is it time to cash in our chips for 2013 and see who we should keep around for 2014? If so who would you keep, who would you promote, who would you trade and who would you DFA? I am only going to include players who will become FA in 2014 or 2015, here are my lists:


Chase Headley - Moving Chase now would obviously be selling low. Even with his struggles Chase still has the third highest WAR on the team (1.9) this year and he is still able to get on base at a decent rate (OBP .330). Now that Chase has come back down to earth a bit I think the Padres should try and extend him in the off season and if they can't make a deal then I'm sure there will be plenty of teams looking for a 3B or veteran bat at this time next year.

Nick Hundley - Hundley is a better than average back up catcher, with the uncertainly of Grandal's future both with his knee and pending Biogenesis Lab ties the Padres will need someone to bridge the gap until Hedges is ready.

Chris Denorfia - Denorfia is this generation Tim Flannery, only a little better. He's a gutsy player who plays above his ability and if used properly can be incredibly effective.

Eric Stults - believe it or no Stults does not become a FA until 2017 and is only entering into his first year of arbitration next season. Stults will provide incredible value as a middle of the rotation pitcher next season and should only be making around $4 million.

Joe Thatcher - This team needs all the bullpen help it can get and Thatcher is one of the few consistent arms they have had this year. Thatcher enters into his last year of arbitration this year but the Padres should still be able to get plenty of value for him at next years trade deadline if they are not in contention.

Who Do They Trade

Carlos Quentin - Quentin has been on an absolute tare since June and would be very attractive to teams looking to upgrade at LF or DH. The Padres also have plenty of OF depth with Blanks, Denorfia, Maybin (when he comes back) and Amarista. The one hurdle is that Quentin has a full no trade clause so he would be able to control where he goes.

Huston Street - Who the hell would trade for Houston Street right now? Two letters KT, The diamond backs are in desperate need for a closer and Street is one of the few on the market. How many years were we subject to these kinds of moves at the trade deadline during the KT era? Well it's finally time that we one actually works out for us, hey we may even get the next Jason Bay! The only problem is that KT will also get some low A ball right hander in his mid 20's that will become a lights out set up man for the next 5 years...

Will Venable - We have given him enough time and ABs to make a decision, Venable will never be an everyday player, but that does not mean he does not bring value to a contending team as a 4th or 5th OF. If the Padres could get a decent MLB ready bullpen arm for Venable I would be very happy.

Jesus Guzman - I don' know what the Padres could get for a below average hitter that can't field to save his life but hey they might get lucky, right?

Jason Marquis - Is there still an old school GM out there that only pays attention to wins and ERA? Maybe Josh should keep KT on speed dial for the next 2 weeks.

Luke Gregerson - Luke still has one more year of arbitration after what feels like a 10 year career with the Padres (it has only been 5 years but who's counting?). Luke is a good proven arm who could potentially be moved for two talented but unproven arms, that are controllable for the next six years. Kind of like what the Padres got for Adams, but for a bit less value. When a team is rebuilding these are the moves you have to make.


Mark Kotsay - We love you Mark, but you are clogging a spot on the 25 man roster that could be going to someone that will help us next year.

Edinson Volquez - I know what you are thinking, some team in need of a fifth starter must have a used treadmill or bucket of Bazzoka Joe lying around that they can trade for Volquez, right? Unfortunately I just don't see a team in contention giving pitcher with a WAA of -2.5 a spot on their 25 man roster.

Who Gets the Call

Robbie Erlin - Lets give the kid some consistent major league starts with no pressure of being sent down and see what he can do. The team needs to find starters for next year so lets see if he is worth a spot in the rotation.

Sean O'Sullivan & Tyson Ross - I know both are on the 25 man roster right now but lets give them both a shot a spot in the starting rotation and see if either can contribute next year.

Jaff Decker - Ok this is a selfish pick and one for all the old Ducksnorts readers. Jaff is a less tan and less roided version of Brian Giles. The kid is an on-base machine (.402 minor league OBP) who can hit one out if he squares up on it. I would love to see how he handles major league pitching over the next 2 months.

Johnathan Galvez - Galvez has been solid his entire minor league career (.368 OBP, .427 slugging) and plays all over the infield. Will he be a star? No. Will he be a cheap and solid utility player? I think so, but there's only one way to find out.

So there is my list, what does everyone else think?

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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