Magic's Paycheck 2, Padres 1: The Wrong Team Won

Harry How

Padres come up short against the NL West's worst.

1st Inning

Game started p cool. Everth Cabrera walked to first base. Got his legs going with a steal of second base. Alexi Amarista singled. Alright, 2 guys on. This looks promising. Well, promise broken. Chase Headley strikeout, then a double play being induced by Jedd Gyorko ends what looked good for the Friar.

The other team's new guy got a hit. Then got sent back to the bench because his teammates are bad at baseball. Unfortunately, the guy that used to be on our team, Adrian Gonzalez, showed that he might be okay at baseball. He was trying to make us jealous or something and got a home run.

1-0 Team I Don't Root For

2nd Inning

On the anniversary of the Sammy Sosa corked bat incident, the home run ball is making an extended guest appearance tonight. Now, Scott Van Slyke got a home run for the other team.

2-0 Team I Don't Like

3rd Inning

Everth is on base again with a single this time. He needs to be an All Star. Take The Cab to New York! Oh, right. That's all that happened here.

5th Inning

After sitting down 3 opponents in this inning, Eric Stults has recorded 12 straight outs. Yeah, that's all that's been notable for awhile.

6th Inning

Alexi gets a double this time. Oh, but Chase is up. Why is Chase not out? Because he got an RBI single is why! Padres get a run on the board! Just the first of many, right? Whoa, Chase's hit knocks Stephen Fife out of the game? Time to hurt the bullpen of the team playing the Padres. Start that next inning, Padres

2-1 Team That Needs To Lose Forever

7th Inning

Eric Stults is still pitching. However, after he finishes this inning, his night comes to an end. 7 innings, 2 ER on 6 hits, no walks, and 3 strikeouts. That's a good day in the majors. We'll see if the Padres could get the loss away from planting itself on Stults' record.

8th Inning

Everth Cabrera is where? Oh, right. On the bases. Typical. Got a single, stole second. The usual. Unfortunately, the usual involved him not being able to touch a base other than 1st or 2nd again.

The 9th Inning

Just putting a "the" in front gives this inning special significance. Like it was an inning to remember. One for the ages. Well, it was different. A close play at first capped off the always sad game-ending double play.

Go get that win tomorrow, Padres!

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