The Friar's Hat Stash #3

Another Padres win in the books, and another Friar's Hat Stash for everyone! Welcome back to another episode of your weekly look at Padres caps in all their various forms. This issue comes hot off of a sweep of the Diamondbacks, and our Padres getting into the thick of the NL West just 2 games out of first and with lots of baseball left to play. With the Padres playing some of their best baseball to get a game over .500, let's check out some more Padres caps!

If you're just strolling through the Stash for the first time, this article is about our favorite piece of baseball-related wardrobe: the baseball cap. In our last episodes, we took a look at the standard Padres home and away caps, and then at the Padres alternates! As stated in the last article, today we'll get our first look at Padres fashion caps.

So, what constitutes a fashion cap? It's all in the name: a fashion cap is a baseball cap that has the team's logo (or an alternate logo), but may not necessarily be in the team's colors. You won't see these caps on the baseball diamond, but you will see these on the streets and on the heads of many different people.

Just as there are many different variations of fashion cap, there are as many different types of collectors and reasons to collect baseball caps.

Some collectors collect only colors of cap, or only which team logo strikes them as most appealing. This is most common among younger collectors, especially since the baseball cap is still in style for many various looks. Some only choose the caps relative to the region they live in, and wear a team cap to represent their area. Since fashion caps come in many colors, it's easy to complete a color matching look with a matching cap. Some retailers even specialize in caps that match shoes, further enhancing one's look and extending cap collecting to sneakerheads.

Some collectors (such as yours truly) collect only one team. Collecting only one team is one of the many ways to indicate fanhood to one team, or even to one region. Because fashion caps are numerous and still growing, it's quite easy to amass a collection of only one team.

Other collectors only collect rare and unique caps, and there are even collectors who search for antique caps. Autographed caps are popular finds for sports memorabilia enthusiasts and cap collectors alike. Whatever your reason for collecting, there is cap (or two, or fifty) out there for you.

Now to take a look at a few fashion caps. As always, these are caps that come out of my personal collection, and I'll do my best to provide an in-depth look at them.


This cap is probably one of the most widely available and popular fashion caps. It is referred to commonly as black on black, and it is indeed all black. This particular cap was one of the first in my collection, along with the next cap you'll see in a bit. There isn't much to this particular fashion cap besides the fact that it is all black. The logo is black with a nice raised border, also in black. This cap is made of 100% wool.


The MLB logo, clad in all black.


And the underbill, which unsurprisingly, is all black. This sticker is one of the older authentic stickers for fashion caps. It is in the shape of a baseball, and the hologram displays the MLB logo.

There is a reason why this cap is one of the most popular, and it fits in with one of the oldest fashion rules: it's black, and black goes with everything. This cap is easy to wear with almost any type of outfit color. The all-black nature of the cap also allows it to venture into somewhat classier venues where a normal baseball cap may be frowned upon.

Unfortunately for me, the age, wear, and wool construction of this cap has caused it to shrink. I have engaged in a few tricks to get it to fit again, and you can expect to read about how to get your favorite caps to fit again in a future episode.

This next cap is the polar opposite, and it's plain to see why.


The all-white variation of fashion caps are harder to find nowadays, and for obvious reasons. The all white version of the cap is hard to wear on a regular basis because it is harder to match with outfits, and for the simple reason that it shows dirt and gets dirtier much easier than its all black counterpart. It is also visually striking (which can be distracting) when worn. The cap shown here was purchased at the same time as the all black, and conversely has seen very little action on top of my head. Still, it is a noteworthy part of my collection. The all white logo does not have the raised border like the all black cap.


The MLB logo in a clean white. This cap is made of 85% acrylic and 15% wool. Mixed fabric caps are much more common in fashion versions.


And the underbrim, with older authentic sticker as shown. The sweatband and stitching straps are the only parts of this cap that are black. As aforementioned, this cap is harder to wear with your everyday outfits, but does have its use in certain situations. I've donned this particular cap for an all-white party and a classier affair with great results. I consider it a small feat that I've kept the cap this clean for this long (5 years).

This next cap sits in the middle of the spectrum between the all white and all black.


This cap is a relatively newer part of my collection. This charcoal (dark gray) cap is 100% polyester, complete with black interlocking SD logo. I actually found this colorway when browsing in a store I didn't know sold fashion caps. It never hurts to keep your eyes open when you're a collector.


The MLB logo in gray, with black interior. The black and charcoal makes for a nice complimentary colorway in this cap.


The underbill and sweatband are black, with the newer authentic sticker shown. The most obvious difference between the older and newer authentic stickers is the addition of the red stitching on the baseball. These colors also work well with almost any outfit color. The subdued nature of the cap works well for everyday wear or even some upscale occasions.

Our last cap for today was a gift from a friend, and is definitely different from the caps you've seen previous.


This is an older cap in my collection, and this particular colorway isn't very common anymore. A white pinstripe breaks up the black cap, followed by a red logo with a white border. A red bill really sets this cap off and adds a little visual pop. This cap is 100% wool.


Here the MLB logo is colored with all the colors of the cap, with white, black, and red making an appearance. You can see the detail of the pinstriping here, as well.


The underbill is red with a black sweatband. The older authentic sticker also makes an appearance. This cap doesn't see a lot of wear in my usual rotation, and it's only because it's so unique in appearance. Specific cap colors demand more specific outfit choices, and I don't wear a lot of red (due to the fact that my work uniform is red). Also, the pinstriping of the cap along with the red color demands a lot of visual attention, requiring a compliment in other areas of outfit choice.


So, you're thinking of picking up a new cap or your first cap, and you're not sure where to begin. Luckily, cap sizing is relatively easy to understand. All cap sizing in done in standard inches, starting at 7 for adult sizes. The standard sizes are as shown, in ascending order.

7 1/8
7 1/4
7 3/8
7 1/2
7 5/8 (my size)
7 3/4

These are the standard sizes found in most retail outlets. Not sure of your cap size? It's easy to find out: check out a retailer near you and try a couple out. I can't personally tell you how a cap should fit; how the cap sits on your head and in what fashion you wear it is completely up to you.

That wraps up another episode of the Friar's Hat Stash! I thank you for stopping by and reading, and as always, I look forward to your comments, questions, and stories about caps. In our next issue, look for...

-Padres different MLB colors?
-How to clean and care for your caps.
-Finally! Where Tim gets his caps.

Until next time, fellow Pads fans! Cheers!

-Tim (The SD Hat Guy)

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This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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